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Overview of PeopleSoft OffBoarding

PeopleSoft OffBoarding provides a simple and intuitive way to help employees, managers, and others with the important tasks required when an employee leaves your organization.

Employee View of PeopleSoft OffBoarding

To navigate to the OffBoarding activity guide, start by logging in to the Employee Self Service homepage and clicking the OffBoarding tile.


Here, you can view your activity guide progress. The page shows you all of your offboarding templates. You can view the steps needed to complete the offboarding process. Steps may include an exit survey, created from the questionnaire framework, as well as other steps for the employee to complete. Grayed-out steps belong to another participant in the process and are not accessible.


Through these steps, users can complete actions like:

  • Complete an exit survey
  • Verify or update their phone number, email, and physical address
  • Verify or update social media information
  • Verify direct deposit information
  • Attach a resignation letter
  • Acknowledge that they received a final paycheck

Manager View of PeopleSoft OffBoarding

Now, let’s see how a manager gets into the offboarding details submitted by the employee.

Managers can view the number of available offboarding templates and can also view an employee’s activity guide process. Below, you can see the manager checklist setup.


This checklist step allows you to configure items that managers need to accomplish. Your administrator configures this step. You can ensure that the manager receives back any company property or that tasks outside the system are complete.

Note that the manager cannot navigate to any other steps within the activity guide. You are allowed to view the status of other steps but not the content of them.

PeopleSoft OffBoarding: Built on Activity Guide Composer

PeopleSoft OffBoarding is a robust and configurable system that is built on PeopleSoft Activity Guide Composer. Let’s take a brief look at some of the changes delivered with Activity Guide Composer to ensure that your organization is getting the most out of PeopleSoft OffBoarding.

Below, you can see a new category for offboarding.


This contains the steps and actions you can perform as part of offboarding. You can insert a new effective dated row to add or remove items as part of the category. The steps displayed here are defined in the Activity Guide Composer.

The Assignees tab lists the participants involved in the termination process – such as employees, managers, HR staff, and IT security.

The Notifications tab enables you to set initial reminders and overdue notifications to alert participants that they have steps to perform in order to complete the termination process.

PeopleSoft OffBoarding Templates

PeopleSoft allows you to have multiple templates for offboarding. In the example below, two template possibilities are illustrated:

  1. Voluntary terminations
  2. Involuntary terminations


Your organization can decide how many templates are needed and the parameters used to assign the correct template to the employee.

Template Setup

The Activity Guide Template Setup takes you through the steps of configuring your template.


Assignees configured in the category are available for selection. Note that if no assignees are assigned, then the employee is considered the default assignee.

The Notifications step allows you to set up the notification configured as part of the category. You can decide which notification to enable on each template.

You can use the Activity Guide Composer Activity Guide tile component to publish customized offboarding tiles to the homepage. You can also identify the templates that are available, as well as the security, image, and tile name. There are required security settings for viewing the tile on both the employee and the manage homepages.


With PeopleSoft OffBoarding, your organization can ensure that all facets of offboarding are completed in a timely manner – ultimately allowing for a seamless transition for employees and managers.

To learn more about the features of PeopleSoft OffBoarding, check out the video below or visit www.peoplesoftinfo.com.

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