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PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32 Highlights


PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32 was recently released, and it contains a long list of helpful new features. Some of the highlights from the new Image update include:

  • Offboarding
  • Modernization of Benefits Summary
  • Attachments–Enhanced View of Types and Categories
  • PNA Year End Employee Consent Reset
  • HR Business Partner Enhancements
  • Current Pay Period Timesheet Lockdown
  • Deferred Update of Reported Time on Fluid Time Page
  • Configurable Profile Content in Employee Snapshot
  • ePerformance Auto-Transfer Document on Manager Change
  • Open Enrollment Activity Guide Instance Cleanup
  • Scheduling Global Payroll Runs
  • Absence Attachments for Global Payroll for Brazil
  • Attachments for US Federal PAR Processing

PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32 Highlights


In PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32, PeopleSoft Offboarding provides a simple and intuitive way to manage the tasks that need to be completed when an employee leaves your organization. PeopleSoft Offboarding is inclusive of all individuals involved in the termination process, such as the employee, manager, IT staff, and others, and leads them through the required steps to complete the exit process.

When you enter an employment termination in the system, Offboarding uses push and email notifications to alert participants that they have that they need to perform to complete the termination process. Participants can access the Offboarding activity guide by selecting the link in the notification.


You can also use the Activity Guide Composer Activity Guide Tile component to publish customized Offboarding tiles to homepages.


By accessing the tile, you can view your activity guide progress. The activity guide displays the steps needed to complete the offboarding process. Steps may include an exit survey, verification of contact and banking information, a place to upload or review documents, an indication that you have submitted all expenses, etc. Steps can vary depending on whether the termination is voluntary or involuntary.


As you move through each step, review and update information as needed and then mark it as complete. The left panel navigation tracks the status of your steps. Some steps may require you to answer questions and save the page. Then, the system will mark the step as complete.

Any grayed out steps belond to another participant in the process. If you need to leave the activity guide process, the system will save your progress. You can return later to complete your tasks. The activity guide remains available until you have completed all of your tasks in the offboarding process.

Modernization of Benefits Summary

The Benefits Summary page has been modernized in PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32. The associated Benefit pages have also been Fluidized to give the employee a seamless experience.


Similar to Benefits Enrollment, employees can choose to see their benefit plans in a card or a grid layout. By default, the page displays the benefit plan summary information as of the current date. Employees can select a different date to review their benefit plans from the past or if there are any future changes. Select any card to view the corresponding plan in Fluid.

Configuration settings are available on the Benefit Program table to setup options for employees. Users can add beneficiaries, update designations, contributions, and funds, and view the latest deductions – all from within the Benefit Plan pages.

Set up your options in the Additional Summary Configuration section on the Benefit Program table Plan Type and Option page.


Attachments: Enhanced View of Types and Categories

In PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32, the HCM Fluid Attachment Framework adds a new option that enables employees, managers, and administrators to view the document type and category of an attachment and to view all attachments at once. The View All attachments capability is available if a transaction is configured to allow multiple attachment types and categories.


PNA Year End Employee Consent Reset

In PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32, Payroll for North America provides two new options to run the batch process that resets the consent status of U.S. year-end forms for employees.


In addition to using the existing options, payroll administrators can also select employees for the consent reset process by specifying a group that is created using the Group Built feature or by uploading a flat-file with employee IDs.

The new options are available for resetting consent to U.S. forms W-2 and W-2C.

HR Business Partner Enhancements

The Business Partner feature in PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32 gives the administrator additional capabilities to view overlapping members, configure approvals, and specify where to display partner information throughout the system.


The new Overlapping Members report enables you to view those individuals who show up in more than one business partner team of the same type – such as Human Resources or Benefits. Knowing this, if needed, you can update team information to avoid having a person with more than one business partner contact within the same area.

In conjunction with the Approvals Framework, you can identify which employee self-service transactions an employee can route to his or her business partner for approval. The Display Partner Information page allows you to show business partner contact information on application pages. PeopleSoft has configured the system to show the human resource contact on the Additional Information page within personal details, but you can set up other pages to display this information as well.

Current Pay Period Timesheet Lockdown

The current Pay Period Timesheet Lockdown feature allows an administrator to lock timesheets for current and previous pay periods based on pay group. The Timesheet Lockdown page displays all active pay groups in the system. Administrators can select one or more pay groups to be locked. Once a pay group is selected, the system displays timesheets for the locked pay group in read-only mode.


Search the pay group to be locked. Select the Lock Current and Prior Periods option for the pay group and click “Save.”

When you access the timesheet of an employee belonging to a locked pay group, the timesheet shows a message that indicates that the timesheet is locked.


Deferred Update of Reported Time on Fluid Time Page

In PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32, Time and Labor introduced a new setting that allows customers to defer the update of reported time hours until the time is either saved or submitted on both employee and manager self-service pages. The Reported Time Totals on Time Entry option is available in the Time ad Labor configuration and is enabled by default. Turn this option off if you want to defer the updating of totals until the time is saved or submitted.


This feature delays updating the reported time total in the weekly banner and daily status bar on all time reporting pages, such as the Daily Time page, Weekly Time Review page, Weekly Time Pop-Up page, and Timesheet, until the time reporter saves or submits their time.

Configurable Profile Content in Employee Snapshot

With PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32, administrators have the ability to configure and publish profile content tile to the Employee Snapshot summary dashboard. Now, your organization can display profile data that is not on a delivered tile. You can also show profile information that you have created yourself.

ePerformance Auto-Transfer Document on Manager Change

In PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32, ePerformance added the ability in the Auto-Transfer feature to automatically transfer in-progress documents when employees change managers as a result of a job change.


Administrators have the option to apply this functionality to all or a list of selected document types, specify the number of buffer days between the transfer date and the period end date for documents not to be transferred, add managers as document reviewers, and transfer documents with past period end dates. On the Administration page, to review document transfer statuses, administrators can look up documents that were transferred because of employee/manager change by transfer types.


Open Enrollment Activity Guide Instance Cleanup

In PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32, Benefits Administration renamed the Managed Lift Event Instances page to the Manage Benefits Instances page. This enables benefits administrators to delete both life event and Fluid open enrollment instances from the page. This page is available from within the Benefits Management component in the Benefits Administrator navigation collection.


Scheduling Global Payroll Runs

PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32 offers the flexibility to schedule payroll jobs – enabling the system to retain the run control parameters for scheduled runs.


If multiple users finalize or cancel the calendar, the system deletes stored run control parameters and cancels its corresponding scheduled job. If the user who scheduled the payroll job is different than the one who cancels or finalizes the calendar, the system sends a mail notification to the user who scheduled the job.

You can schedule recurring batch processes by selecting a recurrence frequency on the Process Scheduler Request page.


Absence Attachments for Global Payroll for Brazil

In PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32, Global Payroll for Brazil provides administrators with the ability to add and manage attachments in Absence Requests. Administrators can now upload, update, view, and delete attachments when they enter or manage absence requests for payees.

Attachments for US Federal PAR Processing

Federal HR Administrators can add, update, or delete attachments to a personnel action request using the Fluid Guided Personnel Actions feature in HCM Update Image 32. The attachments are also routed for approval and available for review to the personnel action request approvers. You can enable the attachments functionality in guided part transactions using the Page and Field Configuration. The attachments feature is also supported for correct personnel action and canceled personnel action transactions.

PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 32 Highlights