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Stairway to the Cloud

Stairway to the Cloud Series

Thinking about a move to the Cloud?  Stuck in an endless planning cycle? Not sure who to listen to for unbiased advice?

Join us for our new hands-on executive learning series, Stairway to Cloud, led by ERP expert Sue Shaw. Designed for IT and Business Leaders who would like some assistance in structuring their approach to moving their applications, especially ERPs, to the cloud. Hear from an enterprise applications expert who sees the world through a customer’s eyes and can help you sift through the sometimes cloudy advice out there.

This 5-part session series takes participants through a step-by-step process, from initial idea to long term stability and continuous improvement. Each 60 minute session will dive deep into one step of the stairway utilizing a presentation plus discussion format.

Governance and Strategy lays the foundation and assists you in developing a plan on how to proceed up the stairway.

Selection is how to determine the right ERP product solution for your company followed by Execution which is implementing that optimum product. With a review of governance for operations, Sustainment is the step for long term stability and continuous improvement. Results are about being able to prove your success and take that into the future.

Tools such as questionnaires, templates and worksheets with examples will be provided and there will be a short homework assignment each week. By the end of the series, each participant will be equipped to build their own stairway to the cloud.

Half hour overview recording from February 1, 2022:


Full workshop registration – 1 hour per week, March 15-April 12, 2022:


Stairway to the Cloud