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From the 2013 Exadata Virtual Conference Lawrence To, Oracle Corporation Exadata MAA for Maximum Availability and Stability Essential Exadata Operational Practices This file has an audio issue at 50:45 that is being corrected

From the 2013 Exadata Virtual Conference Mathew Steinberg, Oracle Corporation Exadata Database Machine Review Exadata Updates New Offering for Exadata Database Machine:Oracle Infrastructure as a Service on Premise

From the 2013 Exadata Virtual Conference Ananth Ram, Accenture & Jigar Shah, Independent Consultant Business case for EBS on Exadata Proof-of-value of EBS on Exadata Sizing Exadata for EBS Getting 10X performance Migration of EBS in Exadata EBS cloning in Exadata EBS backup and recovery in Exadata EBS real-time replication in Exadata

From the 2013 Exadata Virtual Conference Doug Utzig, Oracle Corporation Agenda: Software Architecture Overview Planning Updating Exadata Software Updating Grid Infrastructure and Database Software Security Updates Best Practices

From the 2013 Exadata Virtual Conference Chris Bradham, Vizuri Agenda: Technology Refresh Legacy Environment / Options Operational / Migration Considerations Results of Migration Lessons Learned References Q & A

Security configuration and features are available at many levels in Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Attend this session and learn security fundamentals directly from Oracle Development. This session will focus on the storage and OS layers with an overview of the database-layer security options and best practices. We will outline necessary requirements for system maintenance so…