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Jul 10 @  2:00pm

Business process are constantly evolving and it can be a challenge for legacy ERP systems to keep up. From a security and compliance standpoint, an organizations’ risk has increased exponentially as years of accumulating ERP data has created a significant liability with the introduction of data privacy mandates like GDPR (with more to come.) In…

Join us as we demonstrate how Appsian’s Real-Time Security Analytics and User Activity Logging for PeopleSoft has been providing Administrators with the visibility and insight necessary to detect threats that were once impossible to quickly identify and remediate.

Join us as we demonstrate how Appsian’s Real-Time Security Analytics and User Activity Logging for PeopleSoft has been providing Administrators with the visibility and insight necessary to detect threats that were once impossible to quickly identify and remediate.

Dorian Daley, Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Oracle, and Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect at Oracle, spoke about the current threat landscape and Oracle’s strategy for addressing it. The pair spoke about how Oracle is enhancing the relationships with customers by adopting a service model that allows customers to shift the security burden and risk to Oracle. They also covered how Oracle has rebuilt Cloud and the Autonomous Database, so customers are fully equipped to truly protect their data and eliminate human error from the security equation.

May 30 @  2:00pm

With many threats posing security and compliance challenges to PeopleSoft Administrators - it has become clear that no security strategy is complete without a clear line of sight into what activity is taking place in your applications. Since most organizations have limited to no monitoring of what data is being accessed, they rely on perimeter…

Check out some of the great education sessions about multi-layered security planning that were featured at COLLABORATE 19!

Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Session ID: 107460 PeopleSoft is a complex application with multiple tiers and technologies, which makes properly securing the environment challenging. This session will focus on the top ten security risks and how to solve them in PeopleSoft, PeopleTools, and the technology stack including the database, TUXEDO, and application server. When hardening…

Enterprise security teams face unrelenting risks like phishing attacks, unpatched systems, and unauthorized Cloud applications. The best way to tackle those challenges, according to the Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2019, is through the automation of threat monitoring and patching of software vulnerabilities. Alan Zeichick, Director of Strategic Communications for Oracle, wrote an article in Forbes about how automation is increasingly becoming the only effective way to tackle Cloud security threats. Research from Oracle and KPMG examined the threats that organizations are faced with and how automation can help combat them. The report, which came out in February, collected data from 450 cybersecurity and IT professionals from private- and public-sector organizations throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore.

Sep 20 @  3:00pm

Presented by Biv Ramlukan, Sentinel Software Sentinel provides a complete set of tools for automating Security Administration, Auditing Reporting, Access Approvals and Data masking, which help increase visibility into user access and reduce the time and effort to resolve security related issues.

Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator | Hacking is becoming an increasingly more prevalent problem. Email servers, IoT, phones, tablets and more are all susceptible to security breaches. It’s best to be proactive against these kinds of attacks and know how to protect your organization. Learn some tips and tricks on how you can best protect PeopleSoft.

by Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator | Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2-18-3110 was released on August 10, 2018. Customers are advised to follow the recommended actions in the Security Alert. The Security Alert Advisory is the starting point for relevant information. It includes a summary of the security vulnerability and a pointer to obtain the latest patches. Supported products not listed in the “Affected Products and Versions” section of the advisory do not require new patches to be applied.

Syntax is a leading provider of best in class Enterprise Cloud Solutions designed for Mission Critical Applications, Consulting & Managed Services to support enterprise computing needs and World Class Monitoring & Automation through Maximum Performance Architecture. Since 1972, Syntax has been providing comprehensive technology solutions to businesses of all sizes throughout North America with thousands…

TeachMe2Day is a team of highly experienced experts in the areas of both project team and end user training. We provide project assessments, change and project management services. We’re focused on getting your or your team up to speed quickly and so everyone is proficient with the knowledge they need top operate Oracle business solutions…

We are a boutique company providing personalized adoption solutions in the Oracle Applications space. With over 15 years of ERP training experience, our team can assist you with planning and executing training initiatives throughout the full life-cycle of business transformation. Our on-line JD Edwards training university, the EOne Academy, has over 700 courses on the…

 Presented by GreyHellerRecently, there have been a number of highly publicized data breaches - and many more that haven’t been publicized.  Due to brand and legal concerns, it’s often difficult

Creating security queries to determine roles, permission lists, components within a permission lists, menu items, user information and other security information for PeopleSoft users. The following li

Trucking along with Allocations and Recurring Journals in Oracle ERP Financials CloudPresented by: Grant Thornton LLP YRC Freight Session ID 113780, Presented at COLLABORATE17During this session, we

In March 2017, Quest International Users Group commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study organizations that run core business applications in a hybrid cloud environment, and that are highly

Understand the breadth and proliferation of business process applications and manage enterprise portfolios as the market undergoes significant technology disruption.

In the age of the customer, the focus of technology management must shift toward winning, serving, and retaining customers. Understanding how and where to prioritize this shift is a critical aspect of

Using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, you can turn historically batch processes into real-time processes, improve user and customer experiences, and focus on business outcomes instead of working

This report provides a road map for a business application strategy that can help application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals maintain a viable set of business applications. Business

Rapid business change, fueled by technology advances such as mobility and analytics, is transforming how application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals buy, deploy, and manage business

Users of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne remain loyal to the ERP system because it constantly evolves to meet their needs. JD Edwards listens to their clients and creates new functionalities that are tailore

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