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A post-Covid business environment forced the expansion of PeopleSoft access, which has “opened a can of worms” on multiple fronts. Specifically - securing identity, application access, and the sensitive business data residing in your PeopleSoft systems. All of these areas must be secured effectively, efficiently, and without resulting in a loss of productivity. Sounds easy,…

Audit time can be a rush, searching for scripts, checking what happened last year. And the C level need re-assurance, particularly as you move to the Cloud. Can you cope with providing these answers, giving realistic assurances? This presentation will look at these questions, topics will include: Assessing (& Understanding) your Current ERP Security Tracking Segregation of Duties Risk Evaluation – how does it work Audit Reporting – what are the “standards” Automating Controls (eg User Provisioning) Working across Multiple Systems (eg JDE, Ariba, Salesforce etc) Satisfying the Business by providing Efficiency & Control Planning Remediation

Database & Technology Week dives deep into current Database & Technology challenges, strategies for best practice, and real-life applications covering hot topics like Autonomous Database, Security, OCI Database Management, Infrastructure Technology, Unified Observability, Oracle APEX Application Development 22.2, and Machine Learning

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: The Intersection of Innovation, Security and Support for JD Edwards
Session ID: 108180

Release 22 is your Digital ERP release, delivering innovation that automates, optimizes, and transforms business processes but it is also your release for protection against security threats. While digital transformation helps create a competitive advantage, Release 22 is equally important as it contains the most current security patches for JD Edwards and certified platforms. Attend this session to learn about the latest JD Edwards innovation that will power your digital transformation while providing you protection against the latest security threats.

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  • 8/11/22

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: JDE Security 101 – The Ultimate Guide to the E1 Galaxy & Beyond
Session ID: 103150

Are you new to JDE E1 Security? Perhaps an auditor or analyst wanting a better understanding of JDE security? Or maybe you’re a seasoned JDE professional and just want a refresher course? Understanding JDE E1 security is a journey through a vast galaxy with many unknowns along the way. That’s why it’s important to be clear on the basic concepts that underpin the rules of the security galaxy! Join us for this session on JDE Security Fundamentals where we will provide you a foundation of JDE system and outline the individual elements that make-up security.?We will focus on the steps involved in planning, implementing, and maintaining JDE security from start to finish. Join the us for a journey through the E1 galaxy & beyond.

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  • 8/10/22

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: How To Protect Your JD Edwards System from Cyberattacks
Session ID: 111010

During this session learn how to protect your JD Edwards system from cyberattacks.

The Critical Patch Update for April 2022 was released on April 19, 2022. Oracle strongly recommends applying the patches as soon as possible. If you are new to this process, please review Oracle's Security Fixing Policies and the Critical Patch Update Advisory. After reviewing these resources, if you are unable to determine if you require a software update, or how to apply it, please contact Oracle Support.

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  • 4/25/22

Today’s business environment presents a myriad of challenges for organizations looking to secure identity, protect sensitive data, and reduce risk from fraud. Between a combination of dynamic (remote) access requirements and complex business processes, it is clear that modern security strategies must simultaneously focus on the application, transaction, and data levels in order to be effective. But in a landscape of disparate solutions, detective controls, and static governance – how can you evolve and modernize your security strategy? What should you truly be focused on?

Join Greg Wendt, Oracle security expert and Executive Director of Security Solutions at Appsian as he breaks down today’s most pressing security challenges and provides best practices for organizations looking to ramp up their multi-layer security strategy – quickly and most effectively.

In this session, you will learn:

•How to achieve a common control framework of data security & data privacy (for EBS and cross-application)
•How to identify and mitigate the most common responsibility conflicts that lead to SoD violations
•How to implement and enforce strong controls for data loss prevention in order to prevent overexposure and exfiltration
•How to implement security controls that help comply with IT security audits, SOX, GDPR, and other mandates

Speaker: Greg Wendt, Executive Director Security Solutions, Appsian Security

2021 QXW 

What extraneous details in your system are creating unnecessary effort or organizational risk? Whether you are researching someone’s access, troubleshooting performance and access problems, or responding to audit questions; unnecessary security records can be costing you time and money. We will discuss what you should be on the lookout for, why, and how to quickly either get visibility to or clean up this data.

(1)Identify Cleanup Opportunities

(2)Demo Tools That Can Assist

(3)Discuss Risks If Cleanup is not Completed

Presented by Linda Nelson, Business Success Director, ALLOut Security

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  • 12/08/21

2021 QXW

From expanding data privacy mandates to the growth of phishing attacks – the focus of your security strategy should be squarely on your data (and how your users interact with it). Traditional access controls are no longer sufficient at protecting sensitive data – especially when access is available beyond the firewall. Data masking and dynamic transaction controls are key tactics used to control the exposure of sensitive information, but both are not natively available in PeopleSoft. Masking capabilities are very limited out-of-the-box, and dynamic controls are simply not available given PeopleSoft’s role-based governance model.
Join the PeopleSoft Security experts at Appsian as they discuss how to enhance your data privacy model by:
• Exploring how security and compliance risks can be addressed with data masking
• Reviewing the current limitations of PeopleSoft’s native data security/privacy features
• Learning how a policy-based solution (dynamic transaction controls) can be used to efficiently address these challenges
• Discovering how centralized administration and policy management can accelerate go-live and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Presented by Greg Wendt, Appsian Security