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Jul 21 @  1:00pm

By now, the paradigm shift to cloud computing and the multiple inherent benefits of doing so are well known. For those who work on Oracle technologies, are aware that the gold standard in Oracle database infrastructure is Exadata. When you combine Exadata with Oracle cloud, you get Exadata Cloud Service. So, why then, does one…

Mar 24 @  1:00pm

As an Administrator, you want to protect your databases from data breaches to ensure business is not impacted. More than 50% of breach impacted said they were breached due to a vulnerability for which a patch was available, but not applied. Timely patching is critical in preventing breaches. How do you know which databases are…

Oct 13 @  11:00am

Discover the benefits Oracle Database customers can anticipate when moving to a Power10 based system as we uncover the design of IBM's latest generation of Power. During this session, we will discuss advantages of the new Power10 based system which include: Evaluating the migration of older Database versions to a current version Managing your workload…

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service offers an easy way to monitor, aggregate, analyze, and correlate log events from across your database and Exadata environment. In this session learn how DBAs can easily configure log collection and efficiently analyze logs from their database environment to rapidly troubleshoot problems. See how to use plain language analysis to easily find errors across different log sources. Experience the power of machine learning techniques to rapidly identify anomalies that can lead to a problem’s root cause and eliminate finger-pointing.

As part of Quest Experience Week (QXW) 2019, Oracle's Dan Koloski, Vice President of Product Management for Enterprise and Cloud Manageability, and Courtney Llamas, Strategic Customer Program for Enterprise and Cloud Manageability, spoke about Enterprise and Cloud Manageability strategies, roadmap highlights, and the customer and partner ecosystem. 

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Nov 13 @  12:30pm

  Join executives who produce Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud to learn what’s coming up in Oracle’s flagship management offerings. Product leaders will discuss how to extend your manageability best practices to Autonomous Database, Exadata Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as well as showcase new features for analytics, automation and troubleshooting a hybrid…

Juan Loaiza, Oracle Executive Vice President, gives a quick overview of Exadata X8 capabilities for OLTP, analytics, cloud, and Autonomous Database.

Exadata has been on the market for over 10 years, and today it is an extremely successful product. It runs many of the most mission-critical applications in the world, including petabyte warehouses, critical financial and e-commerce platforms, complex business applications, and massive database consolidations.

From the 2013 Exadata Virtual Conference

From the 2013 Exadata Virtual Conference Arup Nanda, Starwood Hotels If you are an Oracle DBA familiar with RAC, 11gR2 and ASM about to be a Database Machine Administrator (DMA) How much do you have to learn? How much of you own prior knowledge I can apply? What’s different in Exadata? What makes it special,…