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Linda Currey Post, Human Capital Management Cloud content strategist for Oracle Content Central, wrote about how colleges and universities see the possibility of Cloud in higher education helping keep college affordable for students.

For many students, financial aid is a key factor when deciding on a college or university. This high-stakes process can ultimately make the difference between whether a student goes to college or not. However, the complexity and time-sensitive nature of the financial aid process can make it almost impossible for students to successfully complete the process. Butler University is using Oracle Student Financial Planning Cloud to simplify the process and improve the experience for students.  

May 22 @  2:00pm

  Learn how to improve academic outcomes through a more student-centric financial aid process. Rising tuition costs and rapid growth in student loan debt continue to be a worrisome trend in higher education. Complicated regulations and opaque processes have many students questioning whether college is financially out of reach. Join Vicki Tambellini of The Tambellini…