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Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

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Digital Transformation is more than theoretical. It's more than hype. It doesn't have to be complicated, expensive, or risky. How do we know? Because it's happening now, in the present tense.

Join this session to hear stories from JD Edwards customers who are already reaping the benefits from tools and techniques that yield rapid payback and favor with end users and management alike.

A.J. Schifano, Oracle America, Inc

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 21 

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The winds of change never cease to blow. Whether it is a technological evolution we see dawning over the horizon, or a global pandemic that hits fast and hard, we are faced with decisions, reactions, and pivots that determine whether we success or struggle. We cannot see the future. We cannot foretell our destiny. But we can imagine, plan, and prepare. The best assets to have for an uncertain future are tools that are nimble, agile, and effective. Attend this session in which we will discuss the tools, skills, and creative thinking that will sustain you in an uncertain future. Spoiler Alert: Orchestrator will be in that future.

Presented by AJ Schifano, Oracle 

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 21

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Join us as we take a deep-dive into RPA and Orchestrator, clarifying how they fit into one integrated solution. We will explore the differences, similarities, and where the two solutions work best together. As well as demonstrate several real-world use-cases. End the confusion around RPA and Orchestrator and become an expert today!

Presented by Matthew Skinner, RST Solutions

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 21 

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Manual Billing Entry in E1 is a simple process that is indeed very manual. This presented a perfect opportunity to automate this function harnessing the power of the EnterpriseOne Orchestrator. The entire process from getting the files from an FTP site , to uploading the data in E1 , posting the batches and emailing the results and exceptions has been automated end to end using the Orchestrator.

Presented by Craig Scullin, Granite Properties, Inc.

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 21 

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JBPCO's journey to create automated SO entry, including configured items, from Salesforce Ecommerce.

Present process, solution as well as obstacles we faced while creating a process to create automated Sales Order Entry, including configured parts, from Salesforce Ecommerce.
Discuss the benefits of the solution.

Presented by Boyan Vukichevich, J. B. Poindexter & Co, Inc.

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 21

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JD Edwards has a long history of delivering innovative solutions to customers across a wide expanse of industries. We continue to focus on optimizing the suite of JD Edwards applications you’re using to run your business, enable these applications to be the core of your digital initiatives and simplify and automate everything to do with managing your JD Edwards instances. The JD Edwards product team will share the latest and future product improvements as we continue to deliver truly unique and innovative solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 21

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In today’s global economy, it is important to be able to adjust to changing market demands and unforeseen events. Companies can either prosper or fail with these changes. Continuous innovation and digital transformation are key factors for companies that are being successful. Innovation and digitalization allow companies to remove costly manual tasks, re-image business process and leverage modern technology. By removing this friction from processes, companies can reduce costs, quickly adopt to changing market demand and innovate to create new business opportunities.

Melody Bivona, Director of Enterprise Application Services at PennEngineering, outlined the business value of the orchestrations they have created. PennEngineering’s brilliant use of Orchestrator helped them reduce processing times by 80 percent and automate manual processes for the end users.

Learn basic to advanced concepts of Groovy Scripting to enhance your use cases and creatively trigger orchestrations.

-Groovy – Why, What, Where & How-To
-Customer Use Cases for Orchestrations

Presented by Humza Qureshi & sAchin cHoudhari, Circular Edge

We will discuss the complexities of processing payroll when many workers are remote and not physically reporting to the office. How do you pull the data for this Payroll Protection Program report the CFO is asking for in two days? Don’t fear, your JDE payroll analysts will save the day. We will cover how to create reports from tables and perform custom queries. Orchestrator is a new tool that JDE for users, but the presentation will show examples of how to use it in your payroll process to save you time.

Presented by Matt Hinds, Opus Group