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Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021
Do you send positive pay files to your bank multiple times a week? Do your users have to spend time every week to make sure that the file is transmitted to the bank? Do you have to wait on the bank or a supplier when a problem occurs with a file costing you hours of chasing down issues? Well then this session was designed just for you! Join us as we walk through a large Oil & Gas clients journey of moving from manually transmitting positive pay files to their bank multiple times a week to a fully automated, orchestrated solution that takes all the work out of the users hands and notifies them immediately if issues occur! In this session we walk through our clients journey of using the JD Edwards orchestrator to automate the generation & transmission of their positive pay file to the bank. Join us to walk through the design, end product, and lessons learned that enabled a client to save tons of hours in manpower per year by automating with the orchestrator!

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021

Join the UDO/Personalization SIG! The latest E1 releases have introduced numerous tools for customizing and personalizing the applications. With this new functionality, customers are working to integrate these features to improve usability and efficiency. This SIG will provide a meeting place to discuss and share ideas.

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021

The term “Digital Transformation” is thrown around continuously in organizations, but many people don’t understand what it truly is and how they can embrace it. In this session you will learn what digital transformation is and the types of goals it looks to accomplish. We will also talk about a couple key digital transformation enablers which include: JDE Orchestrator JDE UX One Oracle Cloud Edge Products IOT Mobile Infrastructure.

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021

Hands-on workshop training users on UX One Tools and User Defined Objects. In this workshop we will walk through the use of User Defined Objects/UX One Tools. We will explore and distribute information about each one with the approach of “What is this tool” and then “This is what you need to know to use it effectively”. We will also explore best practices of using the tools including the security necessary to keep your environment safe and available to your citizen developer users. If you are moving from World or an older release of E1, this workshop will help you get your hands on the tools and learn to utilize them with confidence.

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021

There’s a goldmine of data inside your JD Edwards system. But data is just a series of ones and zeroes without the tools to turn it into information. In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to build interactive JD Edwards reports using modern BI tools. For illustrative purposes, we will use Preferred Strategies QuickLaunch and the free, cloud-based version of Microsoft Power BI as the BI tools. Our instructors will lead you through a series of hands-on exercises through which you will create reports for common JDE business scenarios. With Power BI in the cloud and sample sales data, you will build an interactive sales dashboard including key performance indicators (KPIs), sales variance analysis, and ways to analyze gross profit by product, customer, and more.

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021

Ready to take your first steps towards automation with Orchestrator? Facing challenges with your existing orchestrations where you might appreciate guidance? Looking to expand your knowledge of Orchestrator in preparation for InFocus Deep Dive education sessions?

Bring your questions to this interactive 2-hour workshop & learn how to take your first steps towards automation for your organization. CE will provide a demo environment to walk you through several orchestrations and be available to answer your questions in real-time.

In order to take full advantage of the new JD Edwards products and innovations, Printpack has committed to an annual code current schedule with the intent to take the cumulative update every January/February. The Printpack JDE E1 team is committed to helping Printpack transform how they do business by looking at ways to modernize the user interface, increase user productivity, and introduce manufacturing industry best practices and capabilities.

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021 

Are you starting with Orchestrator? In this session, we'll explore not the tools features itself, but what can be done with it. Join this session to see why customers are using Orchestrations. We will invite a panel of partners to showcase some of their solutions.

Learn why more and more JD Edwards customers are finally digitizing paper-based invoicing to make light work of time-consuming tasks such as coding and capture while posting seamlessly straight back to your ERP.

Join this webinar to better understand key AP automation benefits including how to:

• Accelerate invoice processing and save time while capitalizing on early payment discounts

• Work smarter with AI-driven capture and coding to identify patterns and fill gaps

• Achieve complete financial visibility and control to track, trace and identify all payments

• Seamlessly integrate with JD Edwards using Orchestrator, Web Services, etc

• Even accomplish a Tools Upgrade to the latest and greatest in parallel with your AP Automation Implementation!

Presented by Rich Revill, medius