Tag: Lift and Shift for Current Workloads

This session explores how Caesars Entertainment tackled this challenge and provided a solution that seamlessly automates 50+ ERP Cloud integrations. We’ll discuss several tools, including File Based Date Import, BI Publisher, Enterprise Service Bus/Integration Cloud Service, SFTP connectivity and SOAP Services. We will also illustrate how Caesars achieved a standard, yet flexible toolkit to connect their existing integrations with ERP Cloud.

Organizations that will thrive in tomorrow's competitive environment must today shift their focus from a legacy "run-and-maintain" mode and embrace innovation. In this session learn how combining PeopleSoft applications with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provided by Oracle Cloud Managed Services Partner Velocity Technology Solutions, delivered better performance, application usability, and a lower cost of ownership for Southcoast Health. This session will also discuss the migration of Southcoast’s Kronos platform to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Presented by Derek Tomei, Velocity Technology Solutions, Inc.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is simply the best platform to run your IaaS workloads. OCI makes it easy, by providing first and third party solutions for migrating your physical and virtual infrastructure from on-premise or other clouds to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure no matter what applications you are running. Learn how to plan and execute migrations to…

With the release of 8.57 in Cloud, check out how you can explore both the 8.57 features and moving into the Cloud. Become informed about the features and benefits of upgrading to 8.57 and understand how doing an upgrade on Cloud reduces both the time and cost.

Using EnterpriseOne has never been easier than now with the new tools available with User Defined Web Objects (UDOs) and even UX1.  UDOs are web objects that streamline your interface with E1 information and applications.  What do you need to know in working with them?  How do you go about granting permissions quickly and easily to put these tools in the hands of the right users?  Let us walk you through options of what you will need to know to implement them successfully.

Oracle OCI( IaaS and PaaS) Cloud computing can be loosely defined as using scalable computing resources provided as a service from outside your environment on a pay-per-use basis where you pay for only what you use with no hassles of Server & Application maintenance with no need for upfront expenditures and capital outlay.

Using Redfaire International’s CLOUD9 solutions that included Oracle IAAS and Oracle Data Centers, the migration to EnterpriseOne 9.2 became much simpler and saved our organization significant IT spend.  Additionally, Redfaire International’s CLOUD9 removed the complexity of managing the infrastructure internally after go live. This session will help you understand the key areas of consideration to manage a successful World Migration and taking your solution to the Cloud using Oracle IAAS and Redfaire International CLOUD9 solutions.

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 109800

Setting up highly available architectures for your Oracle applications like EBS, JDE and PeopleSoft used to be difficult and expensive. But moving them to the cloud - specifically Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - allows you to easily take advantage of the natural redundancies this new IaaS platform offers you. In this session you will learn how easy it is to deploy your apps in a highly available configuration - distributed across Availability Domains that are fault tolerant against any imaginable catastrophe and replicated across geographic regions. You'll also learn how cost effective these solutions are. DR and HA configurations no longer need to break the bank!

Presented by Joe Malek, Oracle

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 109810

For migrating your Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), you need a shared file system in the cloud to jumpstart your cloud deployment easily and efficiently. File Storage service (FSS) is a fully managed Network Attached Storage (NAS) that provides shared file systems with boundless scale on OCI. With a few clicks you can configure FSS for Oracle E-Business Suite for a simple and native experience in the cloud. Come learn what to do and what not to do when configuring Oracle E-Business Suite with a cutting-edge storage technology to benefit from the true elasticity, high durability and security of the cloud.

Presented by Mona Khabazan, Oracle