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Aug 16 @  11:00am

With PI 31 release, PeopleSoft introduced Absence Assistant, a chatbot for employees’ absence requirements, integrating with Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA), Oracle’s chatbot technology. The Absence Assistant chatbot is built using standardized set of tools that securely integrate with ODA, delivered along with the chatbot. This session will showcase the absence chatbot offerings with a demonstration…

Aug 15 @  2:00pm

Page Field configuration framework introduced in PeopleTools 8.55 is a significant tool aimed at reducing customization i.e. 'code changes', by achieving the same requirements via online configurations. In addition to this objective of reducing customization, this framework opens up a wide range of new possibilities for PeopleSoft customers. In this session learn how this framework can be…

Aug 14 @  11:00am

The PeopleSoft Test Framework has been available as a PeopleTool for over a decade and has seen a good adoption rate by PSFT clients. It is heavily utilized by Oracle Development itself and serves to test their HCM/FSCM PUM images before each release. Over the 61 implementations of PTF Elire has developed solutions that cover…

Representatives from Corning Inc. spoke at COLLABORATE 18 about how the company leveraged the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) to become more proactive and regularly update its Finance and Supply Chain instances. The company presented its PUM case study and shared lessons learned throughout the process.

Oracle’s own Arvind Rajan spoke at COLLABORATE 19 about how to lift and shift your PeopleSoft solution to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and begin leverage the OCI File Storage Service (FSS). The session gave an overview of OCI FSS and walked through a customer case study of how it can be leveraged within an organization.

Are you ready to revolutionize your PeopleSoft Human Capital Management system? The PeopleSoft product management team is currently working on an Absence Management chatbot for PeopleSoft Human Capital Management that will make absence management easier for every employee.

Robbin Velayedam, Director of Product Management, spoke at COLLABORATE 19 and gave an overview and demonstration of the new Absence Management chatbot for PeopleSoft HCM.

Chatbots are one of the four new and exciting initiatives within PeopleSoft. Other initiatives include Position Management, Delegation, and Drop Zones.

A recent PeopleSoft Spotlight Series video walked through how to select and apply maintenance best practices and recommendations for working with PeopleSoft Selective Adoption tools.

PeopleSoft Selective Adoption is both a huge change and opportunity for PeopleSoft customers. Another video in the PeopleSoft Spotlight Series outlined important elements of how PeopleSoft works now with Selective Adoption and how customers should adopt to take advantage of the new delivery model.

There are several tools associated with Selective Adoption, which were discussed in the “PeopleSoft Spotlight Series: Selecting and Applying Maintenance Best Practices and Recommendations” video. This video talked through how to work with PeopleSoft Updates Images, important concepts for keeping your system updated and as current as possible, and how to apply change and determine the impact that it may have on your system. It also explained how some changes are dependent on others and how to deal with those interdependencies.

By leveraging PeopleSoft pivot grid technology, the PeopleSoft Workforce Insight dashboard enables users to view tiles with real-time workforce data. You can easily move between analytics for in-depth analysis from different vantage points. PeopleSoft HCM delivers the HR Analytics Administrator role to secure the Workforce Insight dashboard and the individual analytics on the dashboard. Authorized users can access analytics from the dashboard. 

Jun 27 @  2:00pm

  Session will highlight tactics to avoid common user experience pitfalls inherent in developing solutions within the context of a hybrid-language/hybrid-platform environment. Objectives: Identify the place user centric design fits into SDLC, feature release, DevOps, and enhancement planning. Identify common pitfalls that lead to failed user adoption of new technology solutions. Share tactics attendees can…

Load testing is critical to the success of The University of Colorado. Our University Information Services team makes heavy use of load testing technology for both production readiness and troubleshooting in both production and non-production environments. This session will cover our Load Test Environment configuration and use of SilkPerformer. We’ll review 4 types of testing…