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Low-code is conquering software development, according to Gartner predictions over 65% of newly developed software in 2024 will be realized with low code. What are the risks that come with the flexibility and scalability of low code technology? What are the risks in opening software development capabilities to business users?

Preparation and strategy are key to successfully implementing low code with JD Edwards. This session shares over 10 years of experience with low code and JDE. Learn from customer examples, what are the top 5 pitfalls? And more importantly, how do you conquer the challenges in technology, governance and company culture. This session will help you consider the practicalities in low code and assist a successful implementation with JD Edwards.

Managing your master data accurately and efficiently, in this session Hillwood a Perrot Company, shares how they implemented a master data management (MDM) application that uses JD Edwards Orchestrations and a low code platform to create and validate master data within JD Edwards.

America's Top Build to Rent (BTR) company rapidly transforms their horizontal and vertical operations
with an Oracle cloud first approach with a net new installation of JD Edwards Homebuilder. Join this
session to learn how JDE Homebuilder can be rapidly implemented for the Build To Rent (BTR) and
Build To Sell (BTS) markets. In 9 months, AH4R with Oracle CSP KS2 Technologies, implemented JDE
Homebuilder/Purchasing/Financials, fully integrated with: Hyphen BuildPro/SupplyPro, Yardi, Azure AD,
PingID, and Palo Alto – ALL running in Oracle Cloud Infra (OCI), Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) with AIS/Orchestrator API's.

Sooner or later, nearly every company finds itself owning multiple reporting software applications, increasing waste and risk. These technologies often become obsolete or fall into disuse. Employee training and adoption, coupled with the need to support a multitude of tools, becomes a costly security, IT, and HR liability. Mismatched technologies force users to retrieve partial data, resulting in inaccurate information and duplication of effort.

JD Edwards offers a very simple Voucher approval process with predefined user/approver. This is oftentimes not enough. JD Edwards Orchestrator has a new feature that allows for a new workflow to be created that calls an orchestration.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D
Session ID: 108530

Come join us as we show what Hines has done using Orchestrator for applying payments that have been processed through VersaPay. Payment files are retrieved each day from an FTP site and orchestrator takes it from there and will create batches by company even though each payment file will have payments related to multiple companies. We are also able to process unapplied payments and can then re-apply those to open invoices. Tenants can also select open credit invoices to apply. Watch the versatility of Orchestrator and say goodbye to Z processes or dangerous SQL updates !!!!


We will strive to communicate to the JDE Real Estate/OREUG and other Quest user groups, the importance of merging our JD Edwards ERP tightly with our new OnBase Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform.  It will show how First Industrial has already enabled full-scale image linking between JDE and our BI platform along with a new AP Workflow system.  Future plans for additional workflows, DocuSign integration and new document types will also be discussed with a view into the future use of pre-built applications available through Requordit.  We will leave time for Q&A to close out the presentation. 

Fred DuBois, First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc.

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 100830

Carr is a privately-held real estate company that owns and manages 16 high-quality commercial properties in the greater DC area totaling over 3.6 million square feet. JP Morgan is its largest investor. Ilan Zachar, IT Director, will share how Carr embraces innovation and how Orchestrator was used with a simple middleware development to integrate an AI Lease Abstraction system that had no integration with JDE. Understanding automation and JDE's Orchestrator was able to package a perfect solution.


Show how to think out of the box and build integration between external applications leveraging JDE Orchestrator

Emphasis that the single source of truth does not need to be compromised and even if JDE can not satisfy a specific process it has the tool for integration and to maintain data integrity

Demonstrate how companies can scale through leveraging innovative solutions as an entity without risking shadow IT solutions

Ilan Zachar, Carr Properties

Feb 19


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