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Benefits Of Cloud Based Technology

Buildings in the clouds to represent benefits of cloud based technology

Nucleus Research found that cloud now delivers 3.2 times more ROI than on-premise solutions. That number was 2.1 just two years ago. The benefits of cloud based technology seem like they’re continuing to grow.

In addition to the increase in ROI, some other benefits of cloud based technology include:

Total Cost of Ownership

The report from Nucleus says, “On-premise deployments have software licensing costs, but also have yearly maintenance, hardware purchase and maintenance, and more expensive consulting costs.” Nucleus found that cloud deployments actually have an average 2.3 times lower total cost of ownership compared with on-premise deployments.

Payback Period

On top of being less expensive initially, the payback period for cloud deployments is 2.2 times faster than on-premise. Cloud customers are able to shave an average of nine months off the time from deployment to net zero investment.

Ease of Deployment and Upgrade

In addition to being less expensive than on-premise, cloud deployments are also faster and easier. Nucleus found that cloud deployments are faster and require fewer internal resources. The move to configuration instead of customization has helped take up less time and resources during deployment.

To learn more about Nucleus Research’s findings and the growing benefits of cloud based technology, check out the full report from Nucleus Research here.

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