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Empowering Business Success with Oracle Visual Builder

In today’s dynamic business landscape, efficiency and agility are paramount. To achieve this, businesses often seek solutions that streamline workflow automation and simplify data entry processes. Oracle Visual Builder emerges as a formidable tool, empowering organizations to create robust applications that enhance workflow automation and facilitate data entry with ease.

Creating Apps with Oracle Visual Builder: Enhancing Workflow Automation

With Oracle Visual Builder, businesses can craft powerful applications tailored to their specific needs. Past Quest learning sessions gave two excellent examples developed with Visual Builder:

1. Field Meter Reading Workflow:
Imagine streamlining the process of entering meter readings in the field with a mobile device. This app demonstrates how Visual Builder facilitates the creation of workflows optimized for field operations. By leveraging mobile capabilities, teams can efficiently input meter readings, enhancing accuracy and reducing manual effort.

2. Tenant Portal App for JD Edwards Integration:
The Tenant Portal app exemplifies the integration prowess of Visual Builder with JD Edwards. Tenants gain access to a portal where they can securely log in, view, and download legal documents and invoices stored in JD Edwards. Additionally, tenants can create service requests and conveniently pay invoices, all within the intuitive interface of the app.

Streamlined Installation and Configuration Process

Oracle Visual Builder’s user-friendly interface extends to its installation and configuration process. Simply download the application from the Oracle website, follow the executable file’s prompts, and voila! Upon restarting your system and opening Excel, you’ll find Visual Builder seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

Additionally, configuring Visual Builder is a breeze. Navigate to the Visual Builder tab in Excel and select the designer. Here, you’ll input your Oracle environment’s URL and API connections, sourced from Oracle’s comprehensive API repository. Once configured, Visual Builder empowers users to customize data displays and query specific parameters effortlessly.

Empowering Users with Customization and Bulk Operations

Visual Builder empowers users with extensive customization options. From selecting columns for display to defining custom actions, users can tailor the app to suit their unique requirements. Bulk operations, such as closing multiple purchase orders simultaneously, are executed with remarkable speed and precision, thanks to Visual Builder’s intuitive interface.

Explore Visual Builder’s Potential

Interested in harnessing the power of Visual Builder for your organization? Visit the Quest Visual Builder Demo Center for multiple walk-through sessions exploring Visual Builder basics, customer use cases, and implications within the HCM landscape. Whether you’re contemplating a move to Cloud or seeking to optimize existing implementations, Quest equips you with the knowledge and insights to leverage Visual Builder effectively.

Looking for more?

Quest is where you learn! Ask questions. Get answers. Share your experiences. Quest offers a host of events and activities where you can connect and learn with other customers on a similar Oracle Cloud path, including monthly online meet-ups, on-demand demos, webinars, and our annual in-person conference, the Oracle Cloud Summit at BLUEPRINT 4D.

The Quest Oracle Cloud Community helps Oracle Cloud Apps users connect to other users, share knowledge, build skills, increase efficiency and identify resources to drive successful adoption, innovation and value with their Oracle Cloud product.

Whether you’re just starting to develop your Cloud strategy, already deep into implementation or looking for ways to optimize post-migration, Quest can help.


Empowering Business Success with Oracle Visual Builder