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Human Resources Tracking Using Oracle Blockchain

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Darshan Sapaliga and Ilya Osovets, two Solution Engineers at Oracle, walked through a human resources tracking blockchain solution that various organizations can use to check profiles of prospective employees with security and confidence.

Put yourself in the shoes of a busy Human Resources recruiter. You’re in and out of meetings all day long—taking up a lot of your time. You’re mediating between prospective employees and employers. You’re thinking that there must be a way to simply and securely submit profile information between the two instead of having to constantly mediate for them.

Blockchain allows ease of interconnectivity between various organizations that are using the overhead for the HR recruiter. It also assures that the transmission of data between various parties in the blockchain network is safe, secure, and efficient. This means that the data is tamper-resistant, so there will be no more falsified data. Blockchain human resources tracking makes sure that the right people get the right information.

Darshan and Ilya showed the central human resources tracking application, where you can view all the milestones completed by employees. Milestones like new hire forms, payroll forms, and policy paperwork are recorded in the application. When the employee updates and completes various tasks, the milestones are recorded into the HR systems and blockchain. They will then be reflected in participating organization’s dashboards.

With blockchain human resources tracking, you can complete tasks like:

  • View prospective employee data in the HR dashboard
  • View a prospective employee’s full profile, which contains personal information
  • Edit employee personal details—either employer or employee can do
  • View completed or incomplete employee milestones on profile

The notional architecture starts with the HR recruiter on the left. The HR recruiter needs to administrate and monitor users on the system. On the other side of the diagram is the Admin Central App interacting with Oracle HCM and the blockchain. The Admin Central App is where HR can monitor user milestones and update user information, which then also get updated in Oracle HCM and the Oracle Blockchain Cloud service at the same time.

Blockchain human resources tracking allows transactions to be secure and data to be immutable. This allows various users to connect with greater transparency and trust. Any application with REST endpoints is able to connect to Oracle’s blockchain network in order to enable interconnectivity.

In an increasingly competitive environment, Oracle’s blockchain network allows HR departments to create more efficient and effective ways to manage human resources and employee data. Still not sure if your organization could benefit from blockchain? Be sure to check out our article “Do You Need Blockchain? How to Decide“.

For more information about human resources tracking using Oracle Blockchain and a visual of the applications involved, check out the video below.

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