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Make the Supplier Contracts WorkCenter a Powerful Tool for End Users


At RECONNECT 19, Clint Jacobs from Intermountain Healthcare, presented how to make the Supplier Contracts WorkCenter a powerful tool for end users and use pagelets to get key performance indicators (KPIs) in front of them in just a few clicks.

What if contract management could be easier?

The Supplier Contracts WorkCenter serves as central navigation that streamlines daily work and helps users execute daily responsibilities without leaving the WorkCenter. Users are able to tailor links and pages to their own needs and easily access both internal and external sites.

In the last couple of years, Jacobs has discovered the efficiencies provided by Supplier Contracts WorkCenter. He works at Intermountain Healthcare, a Utah-based system of hospitals and health services that exists to help people live the healthiest lives possible. Intermountain Healthcare has received wide acclaim for its excellent clinical quality improvement and overall efficiency in healthcare delivery. PeopleSoft Supplier Contracts WorkCenter helps Jacobs’ team consistently operate at this high level.

Intermountain Healthcare has more than 15,000 active contracts at any given time. Between 23 hospitals, 185 clinics, and 37,000 employees, Jacobs’ team was desperate for a user-friendly contract system. That’s where Supplier Contracts WorkCenter came in.

Overview of the Supplier Contracts WorkCenter

Navigation in WorkCenters

When you log in, you should see pagelets, links, reports, queries, and query favorites.

  • Pagelets: Can be configured to display indicators of contract problems
  • Links: Take the user to internal or external pages with helpful information
  • Reports/Queries: Allow you to pull supplier data with various filters and criteria
  • Query Favorites: Keep your most frequent reports accessible in one click

You will be able to customize these sections with your most needed information.

Pagelets are especially powerful because they can help you easily monitor essential data. For example, Jacobs created a pagelet that continuously displays which contract enrollments are over 10 days. This number is important because it signifies that the contract is out of compliance. The ability to clearly highlight this number in a pagelet helps the user identify issues and work to improve statistics. Early identification empowers the user to investigate and address specific contracts or adapt the entire contract processing system. The overall result is fewer contracts that fail and an increased compliance percentage.

Do you have other statistics that are more important than the length of contract enrollment? No problem. You can create a pagelet that notifies you about your own specific problem areas. Simply ask yourself which exceptions and alerts would make your job easier. Then build a pagelet that fits that criteria.

End users love the Supplier Contracts WorkCenter because it is a one-stop-shop that helps you keep track of KPIs and daily huddles. Individuals can personalize their own layout to see more or less data above the fold, depending on how simple they want the screen to look. All in all, the system can be manipulated to alert and address a variety of unique needs.

Jacobs’ team uses pagelets to show contracts exceeding the preferred enrollment time. Flagging contracts that are out of compliance helps him investigate issues and adjust processes as needed. This one-stop-shop frees him of unnecessary headaches and empowers him to operate efficiently each and every day.

To learn more about how Intermountain Healthcare is leveraging the Supplier Contracts WorkCenter, check out the RECONNECT 19 presentation attached below.

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