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Overview of the PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework


The PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework is an important tool that allows PeopleSoft users to integrate PeopleSoft with the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) and start leveraging chatbots in their organizations.

How PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework Works

PeopleSoft supports a number of emerging technologies like chatbots, which help you interact with PeopleSoft applications through natural, conversation-like interactions using voice or text. You can talk to chatbots using any device – laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

PeopleSoft is delivering chatbots in applications that you can customize based on your organization’s needs. These chatbots are based on the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA), which provides the platform to build and train the bots, including the robust, AI-driven natural language processor.

The PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework integrates PeopleSoft applications with ODA and allows bots to work seamlessly. The framework provides the required integration to the Oracle Digital Assistant cloud service, which includes security, communication protocols, and other critical requirements.

You can access the Chatbot tile from your homepage or use the Chatbot icon at the bottom right side of the page. You can interact with the bot using natural language phrases. Other bots may use voice or text. The dialog is natural – as if you’re communicating with a human agent.

Benefits of Using Chatbots in PeopleSoft

Some of the benefits of using chatbots in your PeopleSoft applications include:

  • The ability to refine and customize chatbots to meet your organization’s needs
  • Chatbots are always available
  • Opportunity to provide an automated helpdesk
  • Guider user interactions offer an easy and intuitive interface
  • Streamlined access to applications on multiple
  • Chatbots enable the automation of repetitive tasks
  • Reduced costs for support, training, and documentation
  • The system responds to users in their preferred communication mode

How to Leverage Chatbots in PeopleSoft

In order to implement chatbots in PeopleSoft, you will need a subscription to the Oracle Digital Assistant, PeopleTools 8.57.07 or later, and the PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework.

Oracle Digital Assistant is a cloud service that is provided by Oracle as part of its Platform as a Service (PaaS). PeopleTools 8.57.07 or later gives you the ability to communicate from the chat client in PeopleSoft with ODA. The PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework components are delivered in:

  • HCM Image 31
  • FSCM Image 33
  • Campus Solutions Image 15
  • CRM Image 18
  • ELM Image 20 or later

It’s important to note that although chatbots use the cloud-based ODA application, you can use them with PeopleSoft deployed either on-premises or in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Delivered bots are part of the PeopleSoft product that they provide skills for and are included in the license for the respective applications. The PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework is delivered and supported jointly through PeopleTools and common technology components delivered in the application update images.

PeopleSoft applications deliver chatbot scenarios in packages called “skills.” You can obtain a skill from your application update image and load the skill into your ODA instance. You can also copy the skill to make a version that you can train to meet your requirements. You can train and test with your skills, and you can extend the skill to reflect your unique requirements – including handling customizations or third parties. You can also deploy the bot with your newly trained skills.

The PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework provides all of the technology that you need to deploy chatbots with PeopleSoft – including the chatbot user interface, REST service communication between the client and ODA, security and authentication between PeopleSoft and ODA, and a standard way for ODA to get information from PeopleSoft applications.

ODA provides the chatbot services including the means to train your skills, define your dialogs – including the interaction flow and the language used in the interaction. It makes it easy for you to deploy delivered chatbots and develop your own for use with PeopleSoft in your enterprise.

You can get more information on chatbots and their use with PeopleSoft at www.peoplesoftinfo.com in the Key Concepts section.

To learn more about the PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework, chatbots, and emerging technology within PeopleSoft, check out the video and additional resources below.

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Overview of the PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework