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PeopleSoft Chatbots: Everything You Want to Know


PeopleSoft chatbots enter the digital assistant scene and add accessibility to existing PeopleSoft business applications while modernizing the user experience. To get started with PeopleSoft chatbots, customers need an understanding of not only the current and projected capabilities of chatbots but how digital assistants operate within the PeopleSoft framework. Samidha Rege and Robbin Velayedam of Oracle provided foundational information to get your organization started using PeopleSoft chatbots.

With the successful integration of chatbots emerging in recruiting and human resource (HR) functions, the potential utility of chatbots appears endless when it comes to enhancing business applications. According to Velayedam and Rege, pioneering the adoption of PeopleSoft chatbots to your existing platform can create a competitive advantage for your business.

PeopleSoft chatbots provide a unique opportunity to leverage extensive PeopleSoft source data and application logic with Oracle chatbot technology. With the potential to be scalable, chatbots enhance business with improved productivity, including 24/7 availability. As today’s users prefer messaging applications over graphic user interfaces, PeopleSoft chatbots can provide a more personal and efficient end-user experience.

PeopleSoft Chatbot for Absence Management

For any customers running PeopleSoft Absence Management, PeopleSoft’s first chatbot is available for use. Delivered in PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 31, Velayedam notes that users need to be on PeopleTools 8.57.07 or higher to take advantage of the PeopleSoft chatbot for Absence Management. The Absence Management chatbot features include specific high-volume actions that frequently occur in Absence Management, including the abilities to:

  • Request or cancel an absence request
  • Forecast or view a current absence balance
  • Check the status of absence requests

PeopleSoft customers must procure a subscription for Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) to deploy chatbots within PeopleSoft. ODA is the platform that allows Oracle users to build and design digital assistants. With broad utility, it can be used with any Oracle application, not just PeopleSoft. While ODA is a cloud-based application, users do not have to be on PeopleSoft cloud to be able to leverage PeopleSoft chatbots. ODA supports PeopleSoft on-premises and cloud applications alike.

Moving Forward with PeopleSoft Chatbots

PeopleSoft’s strategy is to continue to deliver chatbots sequentially with the following considered to be within the PeopleSoft chatbot roadmap:

  • HR: Make basic personal data changes that happen in high volume or frequency within your organization, access the company directory
  • Payroll: Connect employees with their paycheck information (i.e., deposited paycheck amounts, deposit dates, paycheck history), make tax withholdings changes, direct deposit account changes
  • Employee Benefits: Document life events, access open enrollment or look up currently enrolled benefits/coverage
  • HR HelpDesk: Easily reference policies, FAQs, and content, create or track the status of HR cases
  • Learning for Employees: Search and enroll for courses, provide feedback and ratings for courses
  • Recruiting and Onboarding: Track application status, search and apply for jobs, track and complete onboarding requirements

Is your organization moving ahead with PeopleSoft chatbots? Rege and Velayedam suggest taking full advantage of the available PeopleSoft resources and tools provided as part of the chatbot deliverable. Use the following resources to help you get started:

  • PeopleBooks: Details the entire PeopleSoft Integration Framework and deployment steps, use cases that have been supported, and how the chatbot works
  • Red Paper: Covers the basics and details of the integration framework including architecture, how to make changes to components, and best practice recommendations
  • Video Feature Overviews: Available on YouTube for those implementing and end-users of PeopleSoft chatbots
  • My Oracle Support: Upcoming access to a comprehensive set of answers to customer- and focus-group derived frequently asked questions, a Getting Started document with end-to-end guidance for every stage of the PeopleSoft chatbot implementation, and an Architecture Document specifically highlighting the integration of a framework architecture and authentication mechanism

To learn more about PeopleSoft chatbots, check out the additional resources attached below.

Additional Resources

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