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SCM Cloud Roadmap and Transformation Strategies for Digital Supply Chain

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At COLLABORATE 19, Vikash Goyal, Vice President of Product Strategy for Oracle SCM Cloud Applications, presented the Oracle SCM Cloud roadmap, business value, and transformation strategies for a digital supply chain.

Most agree that there is an accelerating need for a digital supply chain. When surveyed, 76 percent of supply chain officers said that their digital transformation projects are not aligned. With this in mind, Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud aims to reduce the capability gap between the pace of change and a company’s ability to respond.

What Oracle SCM Cloud Can Do For You

Oracle SCM is a connected and agile system that can help you through:

  • Digital innovation to launch
  • Lead to cash for the digital age
  • Unified supply chain planning
  • Connected smart factory
  • Integrated shipping and logistics
  • Connected digital service

Within SCM, a digital thread connects external systems to the Cloud and provides you with the voices of the digital twin, factory, product, and customer.

Connected capacities include:

  • Network Visibility
  • Track & Detect
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Production Monitoring
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Fleet Monitoring
  • Predictive Models
  • Digital Field Service

For a demonstration of fleet monitoring in Oracle SCM Cloud, check out the video below.

Creating an Operating Model for Digital Supply Chain

Adding an operating model for tomorrow’s digital supply chain is split into three phases:

  1. Consolidate
  2. Accelerate
  3. Lead


Improve Profitability – This is cost-driven and empowers people.

  • Reduce costs through streamlined and accelerated supply chain processes
  • Achieve fulfillment excellence by aligning supply chain operations to customer needs
  • Reduce inventory and at the same time improve operational flexibility and compliance by optimizing global supply chain including suppliers


Accelerate Innovation – This is demand-driven and forward-thinking.

  • Anticipate changing customer needs to drive product innovation, capacity allocation, and service offerings
  • Monitor usage patterns of connected products to implement continuous improvement programs
  • Detect anomalies, predict future states, and identify root causes to support rapid decision making


Shape Business Outcomes – This is value-driven and visionary.

  • Expand the digital thread by connecting all assets from inception to manufacturing, use, and service
  • Leverage AI learning and prescribed actions to develop new strategies
  • Enable a frictionless supply chain that easily adapts to business changes and strategies without slowing down execution

Implementing SCM Cloud: Advice from Oracle

When the Oracle team implemented Oracle SCM Cloud in their own business, they identified three major takeaways that have become advice for others:

  1. Establish early wins
    • Surround your on-premise systems with high-value peripheral components
  2. Embrace agility as a tool
    • Plan time-bound implementations
    • Rebuilding your existing system is not the objective
    • Value the new capabilities
  3. Involve the right audience
    • The journey is also a cultural transformation
    • Systems represent the culture that you want to communicate

Oracle SCM Cloud Roadmap

The Oracle team is especially proud of four SCM Cloud innovations:

  1. Oracle IoT Cloud Applications
  2. Applied Artificial intelligence for SCM
  3. IoT and SCM Connected Digital Twin
  4. Oracle Blockchain Applications

Some items on the SCM Cloud roadmap that Oracle is continuing to invest in include:

  • Continuous customer engagement
  • Extensibility and integration
  • User experience and performance
  • Functional expansion


To learn more about the Oracle SCM Cloud roadmap and how SCM Cloud can lead you toward a digital supply chain, check out the additional resources attached below.

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