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INFOCUS 22: Image inbound/outbound in JDE with media objects

Presented at INFOCUS 22
Session ID:100950

Traditionally we attach media object files to application manually. We can read and print text type media object content in report outputs. Inquisitive to know how we can perform file images inbound and outbound automation for JDE media objects? We have a custom foolproof solution implemented to our clients for image inbound and outbound using JDE reporting tools. Want to know how to fetch media objects images from FTP locations and print them in BIP outputs? Our custom inbound solution adds multiple file attachments in one job execution. The files just need to be named with a unique combination to match the Generic key of Media Object followed by a sequence number for identification of order and having multiple attachments at once. A JDE report reads through the files stored on FTP server location and attach these to the order which can be viewed in relevant application. On the other hand, for outbound we also present how we can attach a Media object image of an interactive application to be display in report output with our custom solution to Mount the FTP Media object folder to E1 JDE Server and access dynamically at run time. Also, the output report can be sent to the user through an email notification. Join us to know more.
Automated file media object inbound
Dynamic file media object outbound

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INFOCUS 22: Image inbound/outbound in JDE with media objects