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Mar 13 @  1:00pm

Join us for a Cloud Learning Series focused on making a successful Move to the Cloud. Hear from Oracle experts, as well as customers who have made the move. Learn best practices for all the key areas of your organization: people, technology, data, and business processes. No matter your timeline, this series will help you…

Amongst the oldest and most well-known ERP solutions, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft have together delivered decades of tangible business value to their customers and continue to release innovative new features and functionality that help organizations modernize their operations. As cloud solutions become more ubiquitous and more enterprise businesses consider cloud investments, many options are now available to JD Edwards and PeopleSoft customers.

Some companies choose to run their existing JD Edwards or PeopleSoft solutions in the cloud on platforms like Azure, AWS or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Others start their cloud journey by moving select functions (often previously supported by 3rd party applications) to Oracle Cloud applications. Still others contemplate a full ‘lift and shift’ strategy, replacing their on-prem solutions with one or more Oracle Cloud applications.

For organizations who have not yet made the move to cloud, the benefits of migration are clear: lower cost of total ownership, increased operational agility, greater automation and modernization of existing business functions, but determining the optimal path to the cloud is not always easy.

Quest Oracle Community supports thousands of JD Edwards and PeopleSoft users world-wide, creating opportunities for customers to share insights, innovations and best practices through its education programs, networking activities and special interest groups. In a recent benchmarking survey, Quest invited its members to share where they are on their cloud journeys, which (if any) Oracle Cloud applications they are actively using or considering as well as challenges they have encountered as they develop and implement their cloud strategies.

As JD Edwards customers are Increasingly considering or moving to the public cloud, they encounter a wide range of options which can be confusing, misleading or an understatement of the costs and efforts involved with moving to the public cloud.

In this session we will outline a blueprint and roadmap for the key ingredients and essential decisions that customers need to make when considering a move to the public cloud. We will also outline different cloud configurations, discuss potential overall objectives, strategies for the migration and dissect the pivotal decisions and the timeline and financial impacts they have.

This session will ensure that attendees have a primer and checklist to examine the business case for the public cloud and consider the essential decisions and is applicable to any of the major hyper-scalers including AWS, Azure and OCI.

Syntax is a pioneer in public cloud migrations, with hundreds of migrations under our belt and the know-how to guide our customers through the elements that are often omitted from the journey, resulting in an accelerated migration.

Key Takeaways:
•General overview of cloud computing
•Key components of the ERP ecosystem
•Cloud migration strategies
•Essential elements of a cloud migration
•Decision points along the cloud migration journey
•Major financial considerations in the cloud migration

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Cloud Computing SIG Meeting
Session ID: 111330

What is your career post cloud? Is it time for a change?
Are you worried about what could happen to your career as workloads move to the cloud? In this Cloud SIG Session, Erik Benner and the Cloud SIG will discuss what are your career options as you move workloads to the cloud. This session is for all admins, Database Admins, Operating System Admins, Application Admins etc. We will discuss what the cloud means to your career, things you can do to keep current with the needs of the cloud and the tools and technologies that you need to be thinking about. If you want a new career as a peanut farmer...this session is NOT for you.

Jun 16

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