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JD Edwards has always been known as the #1 ERP of choice for Engineering and Construction customers, due to its overall natural integration across all modules in order to provide key information in a real-time format.

Speed Time Entry, Manufacturing Time Entry, mobile Employee Time Entry, Daily Time Entry, Time Sheet Time Entry, Time Card Automation, mobile Field Progress Labor Entry, Leave Entry...Can't I just enter my time?

Innovation and transformation are the key to a thriving business. Enterprises must embrace innovative solutions for newer technologies as well as traditional functions such as Human Capital Management as each will have a profound impact on your company’s future success.

"The HCM SIG and Quest work with all of the members and partner with Oracle to get the needed enhancements implemented into JDE EnterpriseOne. It's like having a whole team in your corner to help you. Please consider joining the roundtable session, as we will be covering the following areas:

Do you need to learn how to enter an Enhancement Request through Quest? We will show you how to make it simple to enter an HCM Enhancement Request on the Quest site. It will become 2nd nature for you.

Do you have any HCM Enhancement Requests that you have created with Quest after obtaining an SR number and an Enhancement number from Oracle? Come, so we can review your Request and all the pending Enhancement Requests currently on the Quest website and work through them as a group. We will review the details asking for feedback and setting priorities for them. Come join us for this Quest SIG meeting!

Ever had trouble reviewing a JDE Payroll Journal Entry or figuring out what Payroll AAIs are needed for new PDBAs or taxes?

"We needed to enhance many processes. Thankfully we found a platform solution that fit all of our needs. We’ve even been able to continually customize them all from the same solution.

What is the Mystery behind Payroll DBA Tables Methods?

You may have heard someone talk about Timecard Automation once or twice. And you think, yes, but I have a third party time and attendance system, so I don't need that. Or you think, I have ESS time entry, so what could Timecard Automation do for me? Or, I have no use for Overtime Rules. WRONG!

If you'd like to save your Human Resources team some time by automating the process of completing promotions, demotions, wage increases, and transfers in the system, Manager Status Change in ESS is the program for you.

This session will focus on the JD Edwards solution for Prevailing Wage. We will show the different set-up options, how the calculations work, and how to review the results.