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Discover the key differences between JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud ERP, highlighting functionalities and future directions to help your organization choose the best ERP solution.

When Voya Financial chose to use Visual Builder Add-in (VB) over FBDI, they had several reasons to do so. First, VB was faster than FBDI for multiple actions. Second, VB can be opened and used quickly once the format is created. Third, all actions are taken on a single screen. Finally, the error messages are presented directly at the time of load.

ERP Cloud SIG Networking Session at Cloud Applications Week

Come and interact with other ERP Cloud customers and partners to share current challenges, what topics you would like more information on, or anything else you want to talk about.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Make your case for Cloud ERP: An exploration of real-life case studies and ROI
Session ID: 110940

According to an Oracle commissioned case study by Nucleus Research in 2020, cloud technology deployments deliver 4.01 times the ROI as on-premises deployments. This session will explore this trend more deeply by showcasing Oracle conducted ROI studies on ERP customers that represent a range of small-to-large enterprise sizes as well as industries. You will see the value cloud deployment had for these customers and come away with metrics you can use as you consider your business case for change.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Finance your move to Oracle Cloud ERP plus other offers for a more cost effective migration.
Session ID: 110950

Undertaking an on-premises software to cloud applications migration requires partner resources for many if not all project tasks. Learn how your organization can leverage Oracle Financing to convert upfront project costs (usually classified as capital expenses) from your SI partners into post-go live operational expenses added to your monthly Oracle Cloud subscription. Plus, learn more about the value of your current on-premises licenses and how some of their value can be monetized through Oracle's Customer to Cloud (C2C) program for current JD Edwards and PeopleSoft customers.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: ERP Cloud SIG Round Table
Session ID: 100370

Quest’s ERP Cloud SIG is hosting a networking session at BLUEPRINT 4D for attendees to discuss any and all topics related to ERP Cloud. All attendees are encouraged to participate no matter where they are in their Cloud journey. Discussions will cover those considering migrating as well as best practices and tips for those already running ERP Cloud including streamlining business processes, lowering costs and improving controls. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions, share your story and learn from others. Build relationships that you can take with you after the conference and continue the conversation through Quest’s ERP Cloud SIG, which meets virtually throughout the year.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Drive-up efficiencies centralizing global financial-workforce planning at StoneX
Session ID: 103240

StoneX selected Oracle Planning Cloud as the centralized platform to support global financial planning processes. While the initial scope was to use it for specific entities that were already on a common platform, the efficiencies gained by adopting Oracle Planning everywhere became readily apparent. In a span of few months, StoneX successfully pivoted to onboarding the budget process for all their global business entities into Planning, while also providing budgeting and reporting capabilities that were never readily available before across the enterprise. With the help of Oracle Planning, StoneX was effectively able to create an enterprise standard for preparing, reviewing and presenting corporate budget in around 3 months’ time, across global entities, while using multiple currencies. This included providing an enterprise wide process to input and perform a timely review of workforce, financial and capex budgets using a centralized platform, use driver-based allocations to budget for some accounts/entities and deliver timely financial reports using SmartView for Office, as well as for executive presentations.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Connect Your Team to Powerful Financial Reporting for Oracle ERP Cloud
Session ID: 111110

To get the most out of your technology investment and ensure a smooth migration to Oracle ERP Cloud, you’ll need to provide your finance teams with tools for success. Oracle’s native options may challenge your team with inflexible in-built reports, painful drill downs, manually intensive processes, and an over-reliance on IT. Without the right solution, you could be faced with longer reporting cycles, lower productivity, and less time to focus on critical analysis.

In this session, we’ll introduce you to purpose-built software that empowers your team with smooth, fast, flexible, Excel-based financial reporting. We’ll help solve your current and future reporting challenges and give you strategies to optimize and future-proof your investment of Oracle ERP Cloud with sustainable, powerful, finance-centric tools.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Building the Future of Business with Oracle Cloud ERP
Session ID: 110960

Join Gary Grieshaber, Vice President of Oracle Application Product Strategy and Development, to learn how Oracle Cloud Applications are delivering finance and operations transformation in companies across the globe. Hear about the value that Oracle Cloud ERP can deliver to your organization, along with highlights of important new product features. Imagine your business using modern, innovative cloud applications that deliver low TCO, high ROI, deep enterprise insight through data analytics, and process automation using next-generation technologies like AI and machine learning. Join us to understand why nearly ten thousand companies run their businesses with Oracle Cloud ERP and how Oracle is supporting your business transformation and the evolution from on-premises to Cloud applications.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: 3 Steps to Modernize AP Invoice Processing with Oracle Cloud Intelligent Document Recognition
Session ID: 102900

More Suppliers are choosing to send invoices to Accounts Payable electronically via email. Cloud ERP offers Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) that combines optical character recognition (OCR) with machine learning to extract information from the emailed documents and create invoice records directly into Accounts Payable.  IDR offers adaptive intelligence to learn a more invoices come through the system from suppliers. IDR leverages the Document Viewer to highlight a selected field from the invoice and extract the information into the system. The next time an invoice of that supplier comes in, the system will recognize that the field had been identified from the Adaptive learning feature previously.