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The results are in. Quest recently surveyed its PeopleSoft community to identify which key projects companies are prioritizing for the next 12-18 months. We were interested to understand who was focused on PeopleTool upgrades, how important Kibana analytics are to customers, who was deploying delivered features for HCM and FSCM, how much focus is on PUM maintenance and other big topics. The responses to these questions and more, will be used to build out Quest’s 2023 programming for the PeopleSoft community.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Realizing the value from Campus Solutions
Session ID: 109970

Join the Campus Solutions Strategy team to hear about Oracle’s investments in Campus Solutions. This session will highlight new capabilities for Campus Solutions, including the Digital Assistant and planned Kibana analytic prototypes. We'll also make sure you're caught up on the latest features released in recent PUM images. You may have heard about Oracle's new US Financial Aid solution, but perhaps as an institution using Campus Solutions, you assume that's not in your future. In fact, Student Financial Planning (SFP) is a great option for your US Financial Aid solution while you continue with Campus Solutions! We’re confident you’ll hear about at least one innovation in Campus Solutions that you didn’t know was available to your institution!

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: PeopleSoft Investment Strategy Update
Session ID: 107600

Join Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President at Oracle, as he announces the latest investments in PeopleSoft. See demonstrations of the most important features recently delivered and coming soon across the HCM and ERP applications. Learn what’s in the new PeopleTools 8.60 release and how you can capitalize on platform-wide enhancements to drive more value with your PeopleSoft applications. And find out how customers are running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to cut operating costs and provide intelligent, autonomous management of their PeopleSoft environments. There’s a lot happening with PeopleSoft in 2022 – don’t miss this update on the investment strategy and overall product line.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: LATAM: PeopleSoft FSCM/Campus Solutions Strategy & Roadmap Highlights Including Localizations Delivered Features and Legislative Changes for Brazil and Argentina
Session ID: 109870

This is your chance to join this virtual session in which Vicente Tognela, Director of FSCM Product Development in LATAM will be presenting (in Portuguese) PeopleSoft FSCM/Campus Solutions strategy & roadmap highlights, new features on Campus Solutions Brazil Localization as well as recently legal updates for FSCM Brazil and Argentina Localizations such as: eSocial for financials, EFD-REINF, SPED CONTABIL, Fiscal Document (Nota Fiscal) & taxations changes, Instant Payments (PIX) on Accounts Payables and Accounts receivables for Brazil, inflation calculations for Argentina, features roadmap, and more.

Esta é sua chance de participar desta sessão virtual na qual Vicente Tognela, Diretor de Desenvolvimento de Produto FSCM na América Latina, apresentará (em português) os estaques de estratégia e próximas liberações dos produtos FSCM e Campus Solutions, novas funcionalidades entregues na Localização Brasil do Campus Solutions bem como as últimas atualizações legais e melhorias para as localizações do FSCM Brasil e Argentina como: eSocial para finanças, EFD-REINF, SPED CONTABIL, Nota Fiscal e alterações tributárias, Pagamentos Instantâneos (PIX) em Contas a Pagar e Contas a Receber para o Brasil, cálculos de inflação para Argentina, roteiro de recursos e muito mais.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Journey to the Cloud: Guidance for a smooth trip
Session ID: 109980

Join Oracle’s Student Strategy team as they discuss what colleges and universities need to consider as they prepare for their journey to the Oracle Student Cloud. After providing an overview to what makes Student Cloud unique, we’ll cover options institutions have for embracing cloud technology and applications and focus on the key impacts that must be considered as you’re developing a path forward. Leveraging the expertise of Oracle’s product and industry knowledge, we expect this session will help prepare you for a more thorough analysis of your journey to the cloud.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: Burning Questions for the PeopleSoft Management Team
Session ID: 107610

Don’t leave the event with unanswered questions. The PeopleSoft Management team is here to answer your top-of-mind questions about PeopleSoft in this candid, conversational session. Hear directly from the leaders setting the product roadmaps and driving the PeopleSoft investment strategy. Find out what’s next and why. Wondering how your organization can get more value, reduce costs, and respond more rapidly to change with PeopleSoft? Need input on how to explore your cloud options? Bring your burning questions and join us.

Presented by:
Paco Aubrejuan, Oracle America, Inc
Rebekah Jackson, Oracle America, Inc
Robbin Velayedam, Oracle America, Inc
David Bain, Oracle America, Inc
Steve Morgan, Oracle America, Inc

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D 2022
Title: ASIAPAC: Breathing new life into Campus Solutions
Session ID: 109930

Join Deloitte Consulting Director, Adam Treloar and Steve Brawn from the Oracle Higher Education, product strategy team as we share a number of ways that you can leverage Campus Solutions to meet the needs of both staff and students through a streamlined experience. In this innovative and interactive discussion involving thought-leading Universities, Deloitte and Oracle, we will discuss the continued development of Fluid self-service for students and the advantages of being able to deliver an Application to Graduations experience that is the personalised and consistent throughout the student lifecycle. We will also discuss approaches for how to leverage existing functionality and configuration to streamline administrative processing for staff.

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021
Session ID: 101750

Tony Schollum (Executive Director of OneLink Finance & Supply Chain ERP at Kaiser Permanente and Vice-Chair of the Quest Board of Directors) will host the opening session for RECONNECT Dive Deep with Paco Aubrejuan (SVP of Applications at Oracle), Rebekah Jackson (VP of Product Strategy at Oracle), and Mark Thomas (UK IT Director at Hays Specialist Recruitment). This session will help you get the most out of the event, with insights into and answers to the hottest topics in the PeopleSoft community. You’ll hear PeopleSoft executive leadership and active PeopleSoft customers addressing user experience trends and investments, experiences with analytic capabilities like Kibana, approaches to refining and improving Selective Adoption strategies, customers reducing their operating costs with cloud technology, and more. Be ready to ask your questions and participate in the discussion.

Recommended: If you did not see the newest product demos and hear the most announcements and investment strategies from Paco’s Keynote at RECONNECT Envision, watch it here https://bit.ly/3gTvkP5.