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Meet the RECONNECT 22 Speakers: Tina Thames

Tina Thames

RECONNECT takes place online October 10 – 13, 2022. In this blog series, we interview key speakers to get a taste of the content they’ll be sharing and hear what they’re most excited about.

We chatted this week with Tina Thames, Director of PeopleSoft ALM Product Strategy at Oracle, to get her thoughts on Peoplesoft RECONNECT:


Can you tell us a bit about what you’ll be sharing in your upcoming RECONNECT presentation(s)?

In my session, 101380 – PeopleSoft Asset Lifecycle Management: How Recent & Future Enhancements Can Increase Productivity and Provide Insightful Asset Visualizations, I will be highlighting the exciting new features and functionality PeopleSoft has delivered for Asset Management, Maintenance Management, and Lease Administration over the last year and also unveiling future enhancements that will help organizations manage their asset portfolios and increase productivity.

What other hot topics or challenges do you anticipate digging into with PeopleSoft customers?

As the new Director of PeopleSoft ALM Product Strategy, I am excited to meet PeopleSoft’s asset customers and gain insight into their experiences adopting new product functionality.  I also want to discuss how they can directly impact what features are incorporated into future images through the My Oracle Support Idea’s Space and participating in future enhancement focus groups.

What are some other sessions you’re looking forward to attending, and why?

I am eager to attend Session 100170 – Asset Management Round Table discussion led by James Quijas at Boise Cascade.  I hope to connect with PeopleSoft asset users to foster relationships and listen to their experiences regarding the adoption of new features and current pain points within the ALM product suite.  I am also looking forward to attending Session 100710 – PeopleSoft Lease Management: It’s not too late to become compliant with ASC 842 / GASB 87 / IFRS 16 led by Randall Johnson at SpearMC to understand why customers may not have incorporated an integrated solution to comply with new lease accounting standards.  And finally, I am pleased to be a part of Session 101240 – PeopleSoft ERP Panel Q&A led by Char Jorgenson at Oracle to answer any questions about Asset Management, Lease Administration, and Maintenance Management.


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Meet the RECONNECT 22 Speakers: Tina Thames