May 7 - May 10, 2024

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The RECONNECT Live! agenda contains 110+ PeopleSoft sessions including an Oracle keynote address, roadmap updates for PeopleTools, HCM & ERP, live demos, and hot topic sessions like PeopleSoft on OCI, Analytics, Configuration, Oracle Guided Learning and more. View your invitation from Paco Aubrejuan here.

This year we have our eyes on the future and we’re going to help get your organization, tools, teams and technology future-ready.

Choose from tracks like PeopleTools, Human Capital Management and ERP (Financials, Assets, Procurement, Projects). Dig deep into hot topic sessions on Analytics, Configuration, Digital Assistant, Oracle Guided Learning and much more!

Explore the new Cross Apps Tech and People Development programs, with dedicated tracks for Talent Management, Change Management, Conscious Inclusion and Business Analysis.

Get ready to connect with the PeopleSoft community with ample networking opportunities, including happy hours, networking luncheons and Coffee & Connects. Hear directly from Oracle PeopleSoft teams and connect 1:1 with the Oracle experts.

Working on your Cloud strategy? Check out the PeopleSoft Move to Cloud program

NEW for 2024! – plus, you’ll have the opportunity to earn professional credits from SHRM (HR Professionals), IIBA (business analysts) and NASBA (finance, accounting and IT professionals).

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“Excellent sessions that provide me information on how I can do my job better as well as where we can take PeopleSoft.”

— 2023 Conference Attendee

Who should attend?
PeopleSoft insights, education & connections for all levels of the organization

  • IT and business leaders: get the insights and info you need to plan ahead and inform your technology roadmaps.
    Take your pick of executive level insights sessions, meet 1:1 with Oracle product leaders, learn about PeopleSoft in the Cloud, connect with other industry leaders, exchange ideas with your peers in the Executive Forum and develop relationships with current or future partners.
  • Technology managers and power users: stay in the loop on what’s coming from PeopleSoft!
    Get the latest on PeopleTools, HCM, ERP and Campus Solutions, dive into delivered features and new enhancements and gain insights from your peers as they share best practices, case studies, tips and lessons learned from their own PeopleSoft journeys. Learn about PeopleSoft in the Cloud and connect with other PeopleSoft customers through a multitude of networking activities.
  • New to PeopleSoft customers: get up to speed on PeopleSoft!
    RECONNECT Live! is your chance to accelerate your product learning path, develop relationships with key PeopleSoft product strategy teams, make important connections with cross-industry PeopleSoft users and supercharge your business impact.
  • The entire team!
    Extend the knowledge and save big when you bring 4 or more.
  • HR, Finance and IT professionals: get credits for recertification!
    You’ll have the opportunity to earn professional credits from SHRM, IIBA and NASBA.

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What you’ll learn
Walk away with fresh insights and expanded knowledge.

We’ll cover:

  • Roadmap updates for PeopleTools, ERP, HCM and Campus Solutions/Student Cloud
  • New capabilities and use cases for analytics
  • How Digital Assistant is transforming the PeopleSoft UX
  • Updates on Search, Fluid UX, Configuration and other hot topics
  • How to reduce customizations
  • Running PeopleSoft on OCI
  • Strategies to adopt cloud
  • Industry programs for Public Sector, Higher Education, Healthcare and Financial Services
  • New to PeopleSoft insights and product orientation
  • New programs for Cross-Apps Tech and People Development

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Program Highlights
Check it out

  • Special industry programs for Public Sector, Higher Education, Healthcare and Financial Services
  • New to PeopleSoft program to help newcomers accelerate knowledge, make connections and supercharge their impact
  • Move to Cloud – strategies for planning, prepping & making the move to Cloud
  • 1:1 customer meetings with Oracle product strategy leads – be sure to make your appointment in advance!
  • Lunch & learn product demonstrations – grab a bite and see the latest PeopleSoft features and enhancements up close
  • Customer Ignite sessions – stop by for fast, fun learning!
  • Fail Fest – check out lessons learned from other customers facing similar challenges!
  • Informal Fireside Chats with Q&A – bring your questions and join fellow customers ahead of you on the technology journey
  • PeopleSoft Community welcome lunch – kick off the conference with the Oracle teams, product experts and other PeopleSoft users
  • Happy Hour with the PeopleSoft product strategy teams

New for 2024!

  • Cross-Apps Technology program – Dig into three meaty tracks for AI (Is your organization ready?), Strategic Tech (with hot topics like Robotic Process Automation, Edge Computing, ESG and Business Process Mining), and the latest on Oracle Database!
  • People Development program – Develop your future-ready organizations with tracks for practical Change Management, Talent Management (Reskill & Deploy), the Expanding the Role of the Business Analyst and Conscious Inclusion.
  • Continuing Education – HR Professionals can now earn recertification credits from SHRM, IIBA and NASBA for RECONNECT Live! session attendance!

Hot Topics and Special Programs at RECONNECT Live!


  • PeopleTools
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • ERP, Financials, Assets, Procurement, Projects
  • PeopleSoft Other

Hot Topics

  • Analytics (includes Kibana)
  • Configuration
  • Digital Assistant (includes Chatbots & PICASO)
  • Oracle Guided Learning
  • Lifecycle Management
  • User Experience & Search (includes Fluid Navigation)
  • New to PeopleSoft
  • Campus Solutions
  • PeopleSoft on OCI

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“Learned a lot about the items on the roadmap for PeopleSoft and Oracle. Implementation experiences shared by other customers are always a plus. They help us gauge where we stand as an organization and things to watch out for in our future implementations.”

— 2023 Conference Attendee

Session Highlights

PeopleSoft Keynote:

PeopleSoft Investment Strategy Update

Presented by:
Robbin Velayedam, Senior Director, HCM Product Strategy, Oracle
Alex Man, Group Vice President of Applications Development, Oracle

Join Robbin Velayedam, Sr. Director PeopleSoft Product Strategy, and Alex Man, Group Vice President PeopleSoft Applications Development, for an executive update on PeopleSoft and a celebration of some significant PeopleSoft milestones. Robbin and Alex will discuss the strategic priorities for PeopleSoft and how they impact the product roadmaps across the applications and technology. You’ll see live demos of the newest product capabilities and learn new options for lowering the cost of running PeopleSoft. You’ll hear how customers are leveraging powerful capabilities with PeopleSoft – from new features and Tools releases to analytics, from cloud infrastructure to digital assistants.

PeopleSoft HCM, ELM & CRM | Session ID: P-044344

U.S. Army provides an update on the use of PeopleSoft HCM, ELM, and CRM with the over 1 million Soldiers

Presented by:
COL Rebekah Lust, U.S. Army


The United States Army’s Integrated Personnel and Pay System (IPPS-A) is responsible for the human capital management for 1.1 million soldiers. In this session you will learn about the largest PeopleSoft deployment in history. Colonel Lust will discuss the challenges and successes along their journey, including how the Army was able to leverage agile to incrementally deploy PeopleSoft to such a large and global user base. IPPS-A completed a PeopleTools upgrade and PUM updates to ELM, CRM, and HCM in the year since Go-Live. The team will also explain how it continued to enhance the user experience with additional features and analytics.

Financials | Session ID: P-048870

Building a Future Ready Finance Organization – Panel Discussion

Presented by:
Richa Dubey, Oracle
Nick Bowles & Eric Creech, Charles Schwab
Chelsa Vinklarek, State of Texas,


In today’s rapidly changing business environment, the role of finance teams has evolved. The focus on seamless close, connecting financial and operational data continues while new trends like the use of AI and automation of processes using RPA tools are gaining momentum. Join this session to hear from a panel of customers about tools and processes they are building and using to get future ready

PeopleSoft ERP | Session ID: P-048875

PeopleSoft ERP Update and Roadmap

Presented by:
Richa Dubey, Oracle


In this session, you will learn about new features recently made available and those on the roadmap for PeopleSoft ERP. We will discuss topics including Insights, Improvements in User Experience, and Processes and Legislative and Regulatory enhancements that you should be aware of.

PeopleSoft HCM | Session ID: P-048907

PeopleSoft HCM Roadmap and Update

Presented by:
Robbin Velayedam, Oracle


In this session, you will learn about new important features recently made available and those on the roadmap for PeopleSoft HCM customers. We will emphasize the key features in PeopleSoft that should be on your roadmap to help prepare your organization for the future.

PeopleSoft Technology | Session ID: P-048968

PeopleSoft Technology Update

Presented by:
Sasank Vemana, Oracle


Oracle continues to invest in PeopleSoft PeopleTools technology. In this session, you will hear about the key features delivered in the latest release. Topics covered are user experience improvements, Oracle’s full suite of cloud-ready lifecycle management tools, analytics, search, emerging technology, and much more.

Hands-on Labs | Session ID: P-049037

Workshop: PeopleSoft Live Lab – Cloud Manager

Presented by:
Edward Lawson, Oracle


Registration is required to attend this session. Join Oracle for our PeopleSoft Live Lab. During this guided tour, our cloud experts will take you through exercises that show how to migrate PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and how you can leverage PeopleSoft Cloud Manager — only available on OCI — to automate migration and ongoing maintenance of your workloads.

Note: Please bring your laptop to participate in this session.

PeopleSoft Technology | Session ID: P-048968

PeopleSoft Executive Forum Update

Presented by:
Robbin Velayedam, Alex Man, Russell Broom & Mary June Dorsey, Oracle


In a time when building a future-ready organization is a strategic advantage, join this session for an executive-level discussion of how your organization can leverage PeopleSoft today to prepare for the future. The panel of PeopleSoft executives representing product strategy, development, and support are available to respond to strategic questions about your enterprise applications and technology, including how long you can plan to run PeopleSoft and when you should plan your move to cloud applications.

RECONNECT Live! Keynote Speakers:

Robbin Velayedam
Senior Director, HCM Product Strategy, Oracle

Robbin has spent the majority of his professional career designing, developing, and championing HR, Talent Management, CRM, and Workforce applications to customers of all sizes and industries. He began his journey with PeopleSoft in 1998 and has been involved with Oracle PeopleSoft applications either as a customer or in Product Management. He has worked in a variety of functional areas with product development such as Approvals, Analytics, Self Service, Mobile/Fluid, and Shared Components.

As a Director of Product Management and Strategy, he currently serves as a conduit between customers and the development organization to ensure user expectations are met with new functionality. Robbin’s partnership with the PeopleSoft user community has been a part of his team’s overall responsibility of maintaining strong engagement with all PeopleSoft customers. Over the years, Robbin has been a frequent speaker at user conferences and hosts webinars focused on helping customers maximize their current investment in PeopleSoft.

Alex Man
Group Vice President of Applications Development, Oracle

Alex Man currently serves as the Group Vice President of Applications Development at Oracle, where he leads the development group for the PeopleSoft applications, as well as Oracle’s Fusion Permitting and Licensing product family. With over 30 years of experience in technology, particularly in ERP, Alex embarked on his career at Accenture after earning a bachelor’s degree in Business, Computer, and Economics from the University of Hong Kong.

Having joined the General Ledger Development team in the early days of PeopleSoft, Alex has traversed various leadership roles in development, product management, architecture, and quality assurance within the realms of PeopleSoft and Oracle. Renowned as a subject matter expert in Financials, he continues to bring his wealth of knowledge to shape the future of applications development.

Other Key Speakers at RECONNECT Live! include:

Robbin Velayedam
Sr. Director of Product Strategy
Alex Man
Group Vice President of Applications Development
Russell Broom
Vice President, Applications Development
Mary June Dorsey
Vice President, Customer Support
Sasank Vemana
Director, PeopleTools Product Management
Richa Dubey
Senior Director, Oracle Product Strategy
Jeremy Pelley
Product Management Director
Julie Alonso
Product Management Director
Mike Krajicek
Vice President, Applications Development
Tammy Boyles
Product Management Director
Steve Morgan
Product Management Director
Tina Thames
Director of PeopleSoft ALM Product Strategy
Kelly Mills
Senior Director of Development
Anne Leung
Senior Director HCM Application Development and Payroll Strategy

Interested in learning even more about Cloud?
Check out the Cloud Summit sessions, accessible with your BLUEPRINT 4D registration.

“Great venue! Great Education! Great Networking!”

— 2023 Conference Attendee

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