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Presented by: Covanta Energy Corp Covanta Energy Corp  Session ID 110570, Presented at COLLABORATE17Explore Covanta's journey on how we decided to utilize PeopleSoft's testing frame to enhance the q

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Covanta, a $1.7 Billion dollar energy from waste power company, has launched an initiative to significantly leverage mobile to change its plant work force activities.  We in IT are concerned with the need to have multiple versions of mobile over several applications and also with the ability to run untethered from networks. This presentation will cover the results and lessons learned from our implementation of Catavolt, a flexible solution that can be used to mobilize virtually any application.

Demystifying the Cloud Presented by Highstreet IT Solutions, Session ID 103300, presented at RECONNECT16 In today's market, it seems like everything gets tagged as Cloud, and it just obscures your

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