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The Art of the Possible - Hidden Gems in PeopleSoft Procurement Presented by Oracle Corp.,  Session ID 110020, presented at COLLABORATE 16 Attend this session to discover hidden gems across Oracle

PeopleSoft Procurement Today and Tomorrow Presented by Oracle Corp.,  Session ID 110010, presented at COLLABORATE 16 Attend this session to learn about what’s new and what is planned for Oracle's P

ERP: Planning your Path to the Cloud Presented by Beacon Application Services,  Session ID 108120, presented at COLLABORATE 16 Wondering if and how ERP Cloud falls into your blueprint for the future?

Special guest, Jeff Robbins, Senior Director of PeopleSoft Strategy, will share his thoughts on technology trends and key areas of interest in PeopleSoft today. Come join us for the PeopleSoft Technology SIG session and be sure to bring your questions for Jeff!

Beyond Mobile Web: Creating true Mobile Apps Presented by The Bauen Group Session ID 106550, presented at COLLABORATE 16 There is a clear difference between a mobile app and web page designed for a mo

Threats be Gone - Office of Foreign Assets Control Presented by AARP,  Session ID 104980, presented at COLLABORATE 16 Our story, including unexpected issues, to become compliant with the Office of Fo

How Do We Get Better? Procure to Voucher Performance Presented by AARP,  Session ID 104970, presented at COLLABORATE 16 Service Level Agreements are fine but improving the cycle time from eProcuremen

Stay or Upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2, to the Cloud Presented by Velocity Technology Solutions, Inc. Session ID 103940, presented at COLLABORATE 16 This presentation and session covers how customers can k

Actively identify potential issues using Events and Notifications Framework to create MyWork Links Presented by Grant Thornton LLP, Session ID 103710, presented at COLLABORATE 16 In this session, lear

PeopleSoft Upgrade Panel - Tips and Tricks Presented by Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company Session ID 103510, presented at COLLABORATE 16 Cutting Edge discussion of current key u