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Oct 31 @  10:00am

On average, omnichannel consumers spend 2x what the traditional single-channel customer spends, annually. Omnichannel retail is table stakes but prioritizing the 64 (and growing) journeys a retailer can offer requires a pivot to the customer, shifting the business model to put the customer at the center of every business decision and process. In this session…

Sharing Oracle Cloud functionality, integrations and how it can assist in overcoming common business challenges. Specifically, how Oracle Sales Cloud is configured; illustrating common integrations such as Integration Cloud Services. Offering best practices for support and training, I will identify how these skill sets can cross over to Oracle Cloud SCM, CAM, HCM, and more.…

Learn how TriMark is integrating and blending JD Edwards with a suite of Oracle products including CPQ, Oracle Sales Cloud, ATG, among others.

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Many leading companies around the world are transforming their CRM system, improving usability and customer experience as well as integrating the latest Oracle cloud solutions. Oracle Consulting makes upgrading efficient and cost effective for you. Learn how to reduce upgrade and migration project costs by 50%, and downtime by 30% and how establish your roadmap to the Cloud.

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