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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Anyone can build a chatbot but it takes experience and expertise to build a GOOD chatbot. Simply knowing the building blocks for building a chatbot and how to piece them together doesn't guarantee that what you build will be fit for purpose or add value to the business. You need to know the life lessons, tips, tricks, and pitfalls that can only be discovered through real-world implementations. In this theater session learn the top design tips for building digital assistants and chatbots, all learned from many live implementations.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Conversation is the most natural form of communication for humans since the dawn of time. However, interacting with computer systems such as enterprise applications and data required special user interfaces that evolved from text to graphical UI to touch. While interactions have become progressively easier, none of these mechanisms matches the simplicity of a conversational user interface. In this session see how conversational AI and speech recognition has finally matured to support effortless interaction with enterprise systems and data as it evolves to understand context and complex speech patterns. Instead of simple chatbots, digital assistants are taking over, and this session looks into the future of this space.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Whether looking to add new capabilities to extend Oracle SaaS or create ways to support new business models, companies are under tremendous pressure to deliver innovation on top of modern ERP/SCM/HCM and CX systems. Oracle Cloud Platform's intelligent automation capability combines the AI/ML power of Oracle Digital Assistant, Oracle Integration, Oracle Visual Builder, and Oracle Content and Experience to automate and design new experiences across and beyond Oracle SaaS. Join this session to see how Oracle’s AI-powered, developer-friendly Cloud Platform enables Oracle SaaS extensibility while ensuring upgrades, and assimilates intelligent automation seamlessly. Hear how a customer was empowered to deliver innovative ways to engage with Oracle SaaS.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

In the fast-paced world of commerce, time and focus are valuable assets to businesses large and small.  Ensuring that your employees have the tools they need to succeed can help push your business to achieve breakthrough results.  Attend this session to learn how YUM! Brands enhanced their Oracle HR Helpdesk through groovy scripting and web services to allow teams to focus on providing exceptional customer service without having to sacrifice time.

In this educational and entertaining session, two industry veterans will debate which aspects of an Oracle Commerce to Oracle Commerce Cloud migration are hairy or not. The topics discussed will include both technical (integrations, scalability, data, code, etc.) and business (team structure, timelines, costs, benefits, etc.). Real-world scenarios will be showcased.  The audience will be…

Merchants can now notify shoppers about available promotions throughout the shopper’s journey, increasing awareness of promotions shoppers can take advantage of, take-up of promotions, and overall sales conversion. When shoppers are close to qualifying for a promotion, merchants can message an appropriate action (e.g. Spend $50 more and get free standard shipping). The messaging dynamically…

In this Insight 19 video playback, Ian Davis provides an update on Oracle's investments in Oracle Commerce and Oracle Commerce Cloud. You will receive an update on recent and planned future developments in Oracle Commerce.

If you are considering an upgrade to Oracle Commerce On-Premise 11.3.2, or if you’ve already upgraded and want to know more about new features and improvements at your fingertips, this session is for you. Learn how removing FLEX impacts your business. Learn about other pivotal changes and how they could affect your application.

Visitors to your site expect a variety of content at every stage of the customer journey. Rich content that tells a story increases traffic and conversion. Informative content answers questions and keeps customers happy. Managing this content isn’t always easy. Attend this session to learn how CX Content streamlines your content creation workflow and enhances…

Have you ever wondered about the real story behind an Oracle Commerce (Cloud) and CPQ integration? You can read the case studies and review the documentation but here is your chance to learn from a company that’s already complete the integration and using both products. Learn more about the business decision to integrate and how…