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How Hillwood uses JDE Orchestrator to integrate SF and JDE.

Rod McDonald & Srini Panuganti, Hillwood

2021 QXW

In the perfect world, manufacturing to fill sales orders is straightforward – data is perfect, customers don’t change orders, machines don’t break down, and suppliers don’t deliver late. The reality of most businesses is that exceptions aren’t as uncommon as we’d like, and managing those exceptions is manual and time-consuming. In this session we will look at how we can use dates on sales orders and work orders to manage for success, and how we can leverage UX One tools and Orchestrations to improve the user experience and automate alerts when exceptions happen. The tools demonstrated in this session are applicable to other functional areas and processes. 

Presented by Bryan Rose, Director of Digital Transformation, Terillium, Inc. & Bernadette Durham, Solution Architect at Terillium, Inc.

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 100660

It is known laws in Latin America frequently change. It is also known companies spend a large amount of money maintaining and integrating JDE localization. This session will show you how to simplify and automate the ongoing maintenance in Mexico, Chile and Argentina by using Oracle Validated Integration solutions.


Understand localization challenges in Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

Know about US customers stories when trying to solve localization maintenance and support in Latin America and their conclusions.

Learn why a solution already developed and maintained by ITCROSS (and Oracle Validated) helps you reducing costs and simplifying support.

Cecilia Suarez, ITCROSS

Learn basic to advanced concepts of Groovy Scripting to enhance your use cases and creatively trigger orchestrations.

-Groovy – Why, What, Where & How-To
-Customer Use Cases for Orchestrations

Presented by Humza Qureshi & sAchin cHoudhari, Circular Edge

We will discuss the complexities of processing payroll when many workers are remote and not physically reporting to the office. How do you pull the data for this Payroll Protection Program report the CFO is asking for in two days? Don’t fear, your JDE payroll analysts will save the day. We will cover how to create reports from tables and perform custom queries. Orchestrator is a new tool that JDE for users, but the presentation will show examples of how to use it in your payroll process to save you time.

Presented by Matt Hinds, Opus Group

Integrating your JD Edwards system via Orchestrator bridges the gap between disconnected data and systems allowing for the unification of modern cloud services, third-party applications, custom programs and more. With Orchestrator Automations you can automate previously repetitive activities and improve business processes. Now you can continue to innovate with Orchestrator Integrations, connecting disparate data sources to drive enhanced functionality, capabilities, and practices.

In this session, we will discuss:

A brief overview of Orchestrator and Orchestrator Studio
Automations – The Swiss Army Knife for JD Edwards
Integrations – Unifying JE Edwards with the rest of your systems
How you can enable automated business processes with Orchestrator Integrations
Real-world Orchestrator Integration examples and use cases

Presented by Andy Cox & David Ruprecht, Syntax

Join ACBM Solutions as we take you on a journey through a portfolio of real world customer use cases for the Orchestrator. We will provide a brief overview of the features and benefits the Orchestrator provides before taking a deeper dive into the detailed Orchestration solution for each use case. We will then provide a live demo to test each Orchestration from Excel using the JDExcelerator.
Presented by Larry Furino, ACBM Solutions

During INFOCUS 20, the JD Edwards product team presented the JD Edwards strategy and vision that encapsulated industry trends, product innovation, and a call to action for you to leverage JD Edwards' strengths along with Oracle’s broader portfolio in order to monetize your ERP.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

It is almost given that we dont use paper or spreadsheets these days. And then we know we love to change and adopt something new all the time. (PUN INTENDED). Learn from us on how we did most things right in transforming a company that used spreadsheets and paper to a cloud-hosted ERP platform.

Dec 12 @  2:00pm

Adopting Orchestrator with EnterpriseOne is a real turning point for organizations today. It is the key innovation to move forward for many industries. There’s a shift to more value-added JD Edwards solutions, incorporating automated processes for data entry and analysis. However, Orchestrator can be a little more complicated than you might think and knowing how…