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INFOCUS Dive Deep is where JD Edwards users of all levels and from around the world can dig into new releases, dive deep into practical learning, get new ideas from best practices, see what others are doing with their JD Edwards systems and hone their core JD Edwards skills.

2021 QXW 

Low Code No Code visual application(VBCS) plus Orchestrations (JDE) = Robust Mobile and Web Applications without the need for a skilled developer. Orchestrations are powerful and can have immediate positive impact but often there is a need to allow user input and/or logic at the front end. Join us for a demonstration of how to address complex yet common business requirement without JDE custom code.

Presented by Melody Bivona & Muhammad Ahmed, Penn Engineering

Do you always rely on your IT team for new user ID creations and role assignments?  Join us in this session to see how we have simplified the JD Edwards user and role management with orchestrations in our Oracle JD Edwards internal operations.

Javeed Patan, Oracle

Yes! More new Orchestrator features. The JD Edwards product development team continues to expand the capabilities of Orchestrator with your enhancement requests and their own innovations inspired by how customers and partners are pushing the boundaries. This session is a fast-paced review of the Orchestrator enhancements released over the past four quarters. Continuous innovation? It's here. 

AJ Schifano, Oracle 

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021

You have probably heard about some amazing use cases for JD Edwards Orchestrator, but how can these be applied to leasing and Commercial Real Estate? In this session, we will demonstrate an orchestration that can be utilized by nearly every Lessor to help automate a manual process.  We will review the various Orchestrator studio components utilized to support the orchestration to provide an "under the hood" look at what these orchestrations are composed of. We will also discuss a number of use cases your organization can achieve with Orchestrator, including process automation, enhanced integrations, process workflow and notifications.

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021

You set up JDE security during implementation. Maybe you even bought a 3rd party tool to help manage your JDE security. Now, years after implementation, you wonder how well your security is working. Did you get it all right? In this session, we will look at using the Object Tracking tool to help answer one nagging question. Can I lock things down even further?

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021

In this session, Syntax solution architects will discuss the benefits of running your JD Edwards implementation on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and how public cloud platforms can provide higher availability, security, flexibility, and performance for your entire ERP estate.  Regardless of which JD Edwards version you are on, we will show you options for migrating in a “lift-and-shift” or “move-and improve” paradigm, give you an appreciation for the level of effort involved, and how to justify a move to the business.  We will end the session with some examples of how customers are using OCI platform solutions to modernize their application stacks for things like analytics, integration, and IoT. 

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021

This introductory overview session will discuss the different UDO security types and methodologies that JDE administrators and security professionals can employ in their adoption of the new 9.2 user experience tools.  We will review the default security delivered with UX One roles and compare that to how UDO security will be applied for new UDOs enabled by your organization.  These introductions and concepts will enable you to develop a plan for securing your new user experience enhancements, within the existing roles that you employ with your standard E1 security model.

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021

Have you already built amazing Orchestrations that work perfectly with great data, but blow up when the data is not entered as expected?  We are not talking about invalid UDC codes or something that is already validated by JDE.  Instead, we want to explore how to proactively identify and remediate issues according to business rules such as verifying that the input vendor is equal to the primary vendor associated with that particular Item Branch record.

In this session we are not only going to look at how to add custom Error Handling to send notifications and undo previous parts of an Orchestration, but also how to proactively validate data before anything is processed in JDE.

Presented at INFOCUS Dive Deep 2021

Learn how AtomIQ apps can integrated your entire supply chain. From Barcode Scanning to Approving Purchase Order, AtomIQ Mobile Apps are your on-stop show for your enterprise needs. You will also learn how AtomIQ apps can be extend to other areas in your enterprise such as Expense Management, Asset Tracking etc.