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Access all 8 Quest Experience Week Cloud Day session recordings. Purchase now.

Access all 8 Quest Experience Week Cloud Day session recordings. Purchase now.

Access all 8 Quest Experience Week Cloud Day session recordings. Purchase now.

With security and user experience advantages, adding single sign-on (SSO) in EPM Cloud is a likely next step for your organization. As part of Quest’s 2019 Cloud Webinar Series, Joyce Hanson, Principal Business Analyst at Oshkosh Corporation, shares Oshkosh Corporation’s firsthand experience with implementing SSO in EPM Cloud to inform the organization’s planning and implementation of this process. As a publicly held company with a segment that is a defense contractor, Oshkosh Corporation prioritizes technology processes that are both vigilant with financial information and rigorous to special data security requirements. Single sign-on in EPM Cloud has allowed their organization to meet these objectives while also enhancing their user experience.

QXW 2019 Perhaps you are considering using Oracle Cloud applications or you are using Oracle Cloud applications today. Getting the most value from your cloud application software may be the most important thing you can do for your business. In this session learn how to identify the latest capabilities in your SaaS software and the…

As part of Quest’s 2019 Cloud Webinar Series, Joshua Stauffer from HarbisonWalker International, spoke about how HarbisonWalker International (HWI) made the move to Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle ERP Cloud, and Oracle EPM Cloud in order to implement integrated order fulfillment and demand planning companywide. HWI now provides faster quotes, fulfills inventory from multiple service centers, and greatly reduced inventory requirements – all due to the visibility of Oracle Cloud. Stauffer covered how HWI approached this journey to the Cloud and how HWI plans to leverage Oracle Cloud in the future.

As part of Quest's 2019 Cloud Webinar Series - ERP Cloud Day, Angela Beckman from YUM! Brands, Inc., spoke about how YUM! Brands leveraged the Oracle Expenses module in ERP Cloud to allow management to focus on what is most important in the business while maintaining the necessary oversight to prevent fraud. 

Jim Webb, Oracle Certified Implementation Specialist at CSS, wrote an Oracle blog about how small and medium businesses (SMBs) can modernize and improve both planning and forecasting with an integrated Cloud planning solution. 

Can you spare five minutes? We would like to request your participation in a Quest Oracle Community Cloud EPM survey regarding benefit impact value realization of your Cloud EPM solution. 

A recent blog, written by Angela Wilson, Senior Solutions Architect at CSS, dove into four ways that cloud-based procurement processes help small and medium businesses (SMBs) compete in today's digital era.