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Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 101600

New Fluid features and capabilities can give your organization timely, concise insight into your organization’s procurement activities. In Part one of this two-part series, Elire Expert, Robert Harrell, will demo Fluid features for your Procure-to-Pay environment, specifically supporting Data Entry, Approvals, Sourcing, Fulfilment, and Payment.

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 101670

Today, PeopleSoft customers are looking for ways to open access and streamline delivered processes across pillars like Campus Solutions, HCM and FSCM. All, while aligning with the ‘cloud UX’ expectations of their users. The latest PeopleSoft delivered UI, Fluid is the first step toward delivering a modern, cloud-like user experience. However, adopting Fluid involves new development skills and can require optimization to align with the retirement of Classic pages.

In this session, attendees will learn how to build on their existing Fluid/Classic/Classic+ UX/UI configurations and elevate their user experience to directly align with the expectations of users today – intuitive, streamlined, and cloud-like. Learn how you can achieve these objectives with minimal development effort and no customizations to your PeopleSoft applications.

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 100620

Kibana Analytics are at the forefront of ERP expandability! On top of improved decision-making from data visualization, Kibana allows time-savings in error handling. The deployment of Kibana and Elasticsearch also offers the opportunity for potential infrastructure and staffing cost savings for business analysts and IT staff. In this session, Elire will introduce the audience to Kibana and Elasticsearch, describing how companies can deploy these tools to improve their business operations.

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 100150

The University of Minnesota recently upgraded to PeopleTools 8.56.  This upgrade included Fluid Navigation with dozens of custom navigation collections.  All the navigation collections are represented by tiles on carefully designed functional homepages. 

Tile security was a major concern.  We required tile security to reflect the navigation collection security.  Our options were public access to the tiles (everyone can see the tile even if they have no access to navigation collection content) or manual security updates.  Most peer institutions settled on public access. 

The university developed a custom process that synchronizes tile security with an aggregate of the navigation collection security.

The title is a play on "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" - "Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink."

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 100120

With the introduction of Fluid in PeopleSoft, JavaScript is being used more and more in PeopleSoft. As a developer, I've found it useful to have a basic understanding of JavaScript. This presentation will give a basic understanding of JavaScript and how it can be used on PeopleSoft Fluid pages.

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 101470

Kibana represents the future of analyzing data in PeopleSoft by offering modern data visualization that provide data driven perspectives for Managers, Administrators and even Executives. In this session, we will focus on the delivered visualizations and some of the roadmap items that will bring even more value to your organization. Come see the art of the possible!

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 101200

Learn about recent enhancements and plans for Kibana, Query, and more. 

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 100160

Improve your image - both your PUM Image Application Process and your image with customers after a speedy and successful upgrade. Learn how the University of Minnesota's PeopleSoft Administrators and Application Development teams manage Images. See and hear how their techniques have refined their image application process. Tools and techniques demonstrated will be available for download after the session. Complete presentation available upon request.

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 100320

Florida State University (FSU) implemented the Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) in PeopleSoft to build configurable AWE E-Forms that are drivable by business users from different departments. The presentation will show you how we designed and built configurable AWE e-forms, including AWE Criteria and User List Configuration pages to let business users control the AWE process and approvers.

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 101570

Our AP department wanted to prove their staff was productive while working from home during COVID and to provide a case for permanent work from home. An AP Dashboard was created to provide analytics on voucher and vendor activity by user in order make their case and track productivity.