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How to Adopt Fluid to Replace PeopleSoft Interaction Hub

Presented by Bill Cage, Executive Vice President, ERPA at PeopleSoft Week 

PeopleSoft Interaction Hub, aka the Portal, isn’t going anywhere – but it’s also not changing either. And ERPA clients in the higher education and public sectors have seen success in utilizing Fluid to replace the Portal, resulting in a purpose-built, role-specific central hub that enables easy replacement and rollout of new Fluid-based components. In this session learn the hows and whys of Fluid in lieu of Interaction Hub, and how your organization will realize immediate benefits.

Deliver A ‘Cloud-like’ PeopleSoft User Experience

Presented by Scott Hirni, Appsian Security at PeopleSoft Week

Today, PeopleSoft customers are looking for ways to open access and streamline delivered processes across pillars like Campus Solutions, HCM and FSCM. All while aligning with the ‘cloud UX’ expectations of their users. The latest PeopleSoft delivered UI and Fluid is the first step toward delivering a modern, cloud-like user experience.

In this session, attendees will learn how to build on their existing Fluid/Classic/Classic+ UX/UI configurations and elevate their user experience to directly align with the expectations of users today – intuitive, streamlined, and cloud-like. Learn how you can achieve these objectives with minimal development effort and no customizations to your PeopleSoft applications.

Session Objectives:
• Create a modern, accessible and responsive Cloud-like experience for students/employees by transforming delivered PeopleSoft transactions (regardless of application version) without customizing.
• Develop a strategic Fluid and User Experience (UX) roadmap.
• How to handle your existing PeopleSoft customizations in a pre 9.2 (no Fluid) and 9.2 (Fluid) installation.


With PeopleSoft and Kibana, you can access Kibana analytics directly from your applications. Kibana uses preexisting Elasticsearch indexes, so there's no load on the transactional database. And it comes with your PeopleTools installation, so you'll have no additional costs for licensing or implementation.

Jen Matlock, ERP Analyst at BJC HealthCare, and Tanya Oliphant, ERP Consultant at BJC HealthCare, recently shared how BJC HealthCare improved user experience through simplified navigation, Pivot Grid tiles, and Fluid dashboards.

Check out the 2021 PeopleSoft Community Insight – a compilation of customer success stories and resources for the PeopleSoft community. This year’s magazine focuses on stories about improving user experience, implementing Fluid user interface, and undergoing remote updates during COVID-19.

If you are interested in sharing a success story with the community, please reach out to [email protected]!

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 101810

Looking to get a better handle on what robotic process automation (RPA) can do for your organization? Join Dan Kanner from Newbury Enterprise Services (a division of Gideon Taylor) for “RPA 101” as we discuss and demonstrate how UiPath’s industry-leading RPA with machine learning capabilities can be used for automation of many HR and Financials processes. (If you're not familiar with UiPath yet, you soon will be!)

Many organizations want an easy way to begin artificial intelligence solutions for common high volume and tedious tasks within such processes as recruiting, onboarding, terminations, time entry, procurement and reconciliations. We’ll demonstrate features and discuss case studies and real-world success stories with this revolutionary technology.

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 100440

Elire will present paths to unlocking the maximum value of your PeopleSoft footprint through the evaluation of your current customizations. We'll provide tools and templates for identification, categorization, and effort tracking to meet your organizational needs while promoting a consistent and best practice PUM strategy.  We'll also discuss the movement of customizations out of your delivered environment using PeopleTools 8.58 techniques that minimize PUM Impact and move toward a world where your organization looks forward to the next PUM update rather than dreading it!

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 101140

The Page and Field Configurator tool continues as one of our most popular features to eliminate your customizations.  If you're new to the tool, attend this session for an overview of it's capabilities.  If you've been using the tool for awhile, come to this session for a look at the MOST recent enhancements.   Have a question?  Bring it with you.  We will have the resources on hand to answer it.  Whether you're new to the tool or an experienced user, a functional administrator responsible for end user experience or on the technical side,  you'll get something from this session.

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 101110

Come to this session to see the latest functionality in PeopleSoft’s Chatbot and Analytics for Procurement.  Learn about planned enhancements that interact with your Bidders and Suppliers. 

See the latest chatbots in action including the new Digital Assistant that allows you to have one single entry point for your users to ask questions about expenses, procurement etc.

Information is power!  Discover how your organization can attain a unique insight into your procurement data leveraging Kibana Analytic Visualizations.  Find out how users can identify and take corrective action against procurement bottlenecks and much more.

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 101320

Most PeopleSoft customers are thinking about how they may benefit from the cloud. Does Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) really save that much money compared to on-premises or other clouds?  What automation does an OCI implementation offer for PeopleSoft customers? Bring the questions you have, information you've heard and let's have a good discussion with some of the experts in the area on what a move to OCI offers the PeopleSoft community.