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Mar 26 @  4:00am

Simplified journal entry allows users with administrator privilege to configure the fields that will appear on the Journal Entry page. Fields displayed on the Journal Entry page will be further restricted by the administrator based on the permissions granted to specific users.The PeopleSoft Fluid Simple Journal Entry has all the advantages of PeopleSoft Fluid technology.…

It’s time for you to reimagine the management of your financial operations. What would your business look like if you had a tool that could provide simple navigation, a focused user community, and the ability to get work done quickly? Lucky for you, you can have exactly that.

If you haven’t already, register for Global PeopleSoft Day today! Global PeopleSoft Day offers in-depth PeopleSoft education for a global community. This one-day event offers conference-quality virtual education at times tailored to those in locations outside the Americas. There will be six sessions offered throughout the day, and you can register for as many as you would like. The event is free to participate in.

The functions and features of PeopleSoft translate into real and immediate benefits for organizations. PeopleSoft can impact the entire cycle of IT for Human Resources including recruiting, workforce administration, talent development, procure to pay, financial management and operations, and credit to cash. The impact is made possible by easy configurations, powerful analytics, personalization opportunities, notifications, and accessibility. Rebekah Jackson, Vice President of Product Strategy at Oracle, walks through each of the stages in the cycle and outlines the impact PeopleSoft can have on each.

While one of PeopleSoft’s benefits has been the ability to customize, customizations do require maintenance costs. PeopleSoft customers now have more options to meet business objectives while minimizing customizations using new features in PeopleTools and frameworks. The experiences shared by a customer panel assembled for Quest Experience Week – PeopleSoft Day allows you to consider your organization’s approach to leveraging these new functionalities.

The PeopleSoft Fluid Company Directory is a one-stop interface for searching employee information and using hierarchical and organizational structures like dotted line management and matrix teams. You can update contact information, a personal statement, and any relevant links to the configured related actions for your Company Directory profile. Managers can also initiate job-related actions for their direct reports from the Company Directory and Organization Chart.

A recent video that is part of the PeopleSoft Spotlight Series covered the topic of HCM Activity Guide Composer. Check out these highlights from the PeopleSoft Spotlight Series video for more information.

Tadipatri Sudarsan, Senior Product Strategy Manager at Oracle, recently gave a presentation over the PeopleSoft Fluid Supplier Portal during Quest Global Day. The presentation covered the benefits of using the Fluid Interface and Fluid Supplier Portal.