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Highly effective and productive teams are built on a foundation of trust. Without it, teams are unlikely to engage in unfiltered, passionate debate about key issues—or speak up when mistakes are made, there is confusion, or there is a need for help. Said another way, when vulnerable trust is lacking … our already complex transformation initiatives risk failure before they even begin!

Join former four-time CIO and best-selling author of People Before Things, Chris Laping, in this 60-minute webinar to learn how you can identify if your project team lacks vulnerable trust.

This session is part of the Quest Spring 2022 Learning Series: Transformation and Modernization. View the additional series sessions here.

Presented at INSYNC 21

Session ID: 100770

Not that long ago it was so simple: if you were a developer who wanted to work with an Oracle development tool, you used Oracle Forms. Period. End of story.

Now the number of Oracle development tools has grown to the point where it is natural to wonder which one to use. Each of Oracle's offerings is a solid choice so the only real answer to the question of "which one is best?" is a not so helpful, "It depends."

This session provides some guidelines for determining which Oracle development tool is best for your situation among the large crowd of: Application Development Framework  (ADF), ADF Essentials, Application Express (APEX), Mobile Application Framework (MAF), PL/SQL Web Toolkit, Visual Builder Studio (VBS), Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX), JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET), and, of course, Oracle Forms. In addition, the session will explain the role played by Alta UI, Oracle UX, and Redwood in developing modern user interface applications with any tool.

During Quest Forum Digital Event: JD Edwards Week, Claudiu Iosifescu, Senior Manager of Oracle Applications Support, gave an overview of Autonomous Troubleshoot - the Oracle Monitoring and Advisory Service for Applications Unlimited. This autonomous application checking service is designed to quickly report faults, proactively detect issues that might impact availability or a major business process, and improve your visibility and operational oversight of your Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environments. Iosifescu covered the service’s architecture and its automated ability to discover agents and targets utilizing an ever-growing library of hundreds of smart sensors and data collectors. 

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

This JDE E1 security round table will educate you on the new types of security that JDE provides to round out your infrastructure security plan. An Oracle representative will be in attendance to help us discuss and list enhancement ideas for where the software may have holes.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

The JDE E1 Tech SIG is moderating this panel discussion on the new JDE Enterprise One Orchestrator. We will invite vendor, Oracle and customers to discuss the resources required, the ease of use and installation, the types of orchestrations and examples of orchestrations.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Join the Small Business SIG to learn more about our group and connect with similar professionals using JD Edwards to run their businesses. Are you interested in exploring all of the licensed functionality and tools available to you, but feel like you don’t have a lot of resources to plan, benchmark, or roadmap solutions within JDE to solve problems for your business? If so, this is the Quest SIG for you! The Small Business SIG is comprised of organizations that have small in-house IT staffs with budget constraints who try to get the most out of what our companies have available within our JDE installed footprint.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the new functionality available? –Perhaps having nightmares about falling behind the curve and not taking advantage of any of it? – Do not worry, you are not alone; the concept of Citizen Development is moving on in the fast lane while many of us are still driving thru a school zone. The terms of Orchestrator, UXOne and Continuous Adoption, keep popping up, forcing us to think and strategize about what we can do with them, even though we are not 100% familiar with the concept, just yet. Let’s go back to the basics, shall we? –Let’s work with what we have, even if this means we are not on one of the latest Tool Releases. During this hands-on session, we will use simple components to create very productive one-stop screens and dashboards using real business case scenarios. These final products will combine the features you are most familiar with: Watchlist, Query, Grid Formats, Form Extensions, Personal Forms and CafeOne.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Many development projects can end in failure when the deliverable platform isn’t solid. If there’s an e-commerce project in your future, your virtual storefront needs to exceed your competitors in every regard & success is defined by customers loving the user experience & returning. We’ll discuss/demo the top 10 checklist for project success with an emphasis on the importance of the platform. We’ll review an E1 case-study that involves real-time integration (i.e., Robust Platform API’s) with JDE E1 and Salesforce.com. The current times with face-to-face and even phone support being challenged reinforces a fully automated self-service customer portal in regard to business continuity. E-Commerce / Portal Storefronts are high-priority and with improved profits, lower costs and reduced errors offer a compelling ROI if executed correctly… which is the focus of this webinar.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

A funny thing happened on the way to modern, data-driven analytics: we ditched the GUI for ETL development. There are drawbacks to moving data using code instead of clicks, especially for organizations heavily invested in visual tools. But writing code has an upside as well.

In this presentation, we’ll explore the data engineering discipline, and how it compares to conventional ETL. We’ll look at classic batch as well as modern streaming use cases, and consider DataOps requirements around testing and delivery where code really shines. And we’ll do it all inside of an interactive notebook.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Oracle now boasts two Low Code development tools for building new applications or extending your Cloud services:  Application Express (APEX) and Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS).  How do they measure up? Which is right for your organization?  Do they work together? Which is best, for which use cases?

This session presents APEX and VBCS side by side, using a simple common application to illustrate the talking points. 

Attendees will learn essential information for making an informed decision on which to use – or both. The session covers key features of each for development, deployment, costs, learning curve, usability, and time to master. For those who have not seen APEX or VBCS, or want to see the side by side comparison, here you go. Attendees will gain information to assess which cloud development tool is best for their business needs.