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Attend our webinar: LTI, through its deep understanding of domains, together with its extensive, acclaimed experience in Oracle ERP, has devised an approach and execution strategy to realize the vision of TERP. Join us in a webinar aimed at delivering a positive outlook towards its possibilities, role as an ‘outcome enabler’ and an elaborate explanation on the approach for practical execution.

Jul 22 @  11:00am

The concept of Touchless ERP (TERP) is realized through the implementation of connected devices, touchless digitization, embedded Machine Learning, Digital Analytics and conversational applications to deliver a “new way of working” for users. Their collective outcome delivers automation of the injection, reception, and processing of data, and delivery of output. This is further extended to…

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Oracle Machine Learning “moves the algorithms to the data”, processing data where it resides—in the Oracle Database (On-premises, Cloud, and Autonomous).   This next-generation, hybrid, combined Data Management, and Machine Learning platform enables companies to harvest more insights from their data, eliminates data movement, delivers scalability, preserves security, and accelerates model deployment. Oracle Machine Learning’s 30+ in-database algorithms can address many business problems e.g. predicting behavior, finding anomalies and detecting potential fraud, recommending “next best offers”, sentiment analysis, anticipating churn and discovering key attributes.   OML supports the key roles—data scientists, business and data analysts, database and application developers, and executives with ML algorithms, SQL, R and Python APIs, AutoML, notebooks, UIs, and tight integration with open-source R and Python.  Come hear the latest developments, how to get started and what’s coming next.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are a lot like preserving the Earth's environment: Almost everyone is talking about what should be done to save it, but very few people have committed to actually doing something about it.

This session demonstrates a few real-life opportunities to discover unseen patterns and relationships within sample financial and election data by leveraging the AI and ML capabilities already built into Oracle Autonomous Database.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are big buzz words today, but what really is Machine Learning?  What are the techniques behind the most common methodologies?  How can we use ML effectively to get good consistent results?  These are questions that will be explored in this session along with some fundamental concepts that machine learning is built upon. It will include how to build, validate, and test ML algorithms and choose the right methodology that works for your data set.

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Nov 13 @  3:30pm

Powerful Machine Learning (ML) is upon us. As Oracle DBAs, it is now our turn to leverage ML, enabling us to do things never before possible. But it's not that simple. So, in this presentation I'm going to introduce you to the world of ML from a DBA perspective. This includes understanding what ML is,…

108870 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Confused by the proliferation of buzzwords and technologies that are often spouted and thrown around by practitioners and vendors as the keys to being able to do "data science" or big data? Unsure of what real data science concepts are all about at their core basics? Were you not a…