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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

ChatOps is an automation model connecting users and tools to processes through messaging applications. It leverages the simplicity and familiarity of chat to empower users to interact directly with applications and databases, retrieving information, and performing work in real-time. Done right, ChatOps is a safe, agile way to minimize or eliminate tedious, repetitive operational tasks and reduce workloads. Virtually anything can be automated or called via ChatOps through simple commands—from self-service password resets, to initiating reporting cycles, to running ad hoc refreshes of development environments—all without granting end users access to a database or application.

This session covers:
-Connecting Oracle databases in the Cloud or on-premises to chat services via REST
-Considerations for building database APIs to handle ChatOps interactions
-Methods for securing communications between the database and application
-Practical examples of ChatOps integrations

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

MySQL 8 introduced a new tool for DBAs. In this training session, we will explore the tool availability, installation, and usage. This tool is called MySQLShell and contains many features and  APIs that are very effective to manage the servers. MySQL/Oracle DBA can use this tool to explore the database using their Python/Javascript or Xconnector skills. This tool helps to download JSON documents to MySQL instance. We will go into details about many features that are very useful in daily DBA's tasks.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Containers have been embraced by the developer community, but acceptance and adoption by DBAs is more... tepid. That's understandable--why would anyone want a database that's stateless and immutable?! I started using Docker under duress and had no idea what I was doing. Since then, I've learned that Docker elegantly addresses many situations faced by DBAs, including:
- Rapidly provisioning test and development environments
- Interacting with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure databases (including ATP and ADW)
- Preparing environments for performance testing
- Building Gold images
- Exploring new technologies and features
- Discovering and confirming bugs
- Preparing for certification exams

This session is a crash course in Docker covering the terminology, concepts, skills, and practical examples needed to begin using containers to support databases.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Transitioning to leadership requires a broadening for the technical associate. This broadening is not simply changing from technologist to a manager, but also provides new opportunities for an associate to explore. How does one create an identity as a leader? How does one create his team's identity? How does this transition fit into the individual's aspirations? This session helps prepare people who are interested in leadership and people who just made the transition.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Many DBA's want to be better DBA's, and many non­DBA's want to become DBA's. Often the primary training for this is in technical topics, memorizing tons of details, or being able to be the first to solve a technical issue. Yet some of the best DBA's I've known over the past 25 years start with "I don't know." So what 10 things do you need to do to be a great DBA that has nothing to do with databases?

How you interact with others in writing, reading, communication, talking, presenting, being able to repeat things, and more.

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Digital transformation, disruptive technologies, and IoT bring big changes to organizations today necessitating a proven method of innovation process support with a clear methodology. Does your organization anticipate a move to the cloud, either for a specific application or multiple applications in the near future? Will it affect any products or services you provide, processes,…

ERP Training SIG Meeting - Our SIG is open to all Quest ERP users - JDE, PeopleSoft, EBS. Also invited are UPK users, and users of other online training tool development software Terri Lee, M.D.C. Holdings, Inc.