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Cloud apps and services are the latest and greatest ERP craze. But what are they exactly? How will they work with your particular JD Edwards system and all of its customizations? Are they even right for your organization? The experts at Denovo are here to guide you through what the assessment and implementation process could look like for your organization to modernize your legacy JD Edwards instance into a powerhouse hybrid ERP model with Oracle Cloud Applications.

Hear from Denovo’s Mike Hoskin as he discusses:
•Key considerations in whether or not adopting Oracle Cloud Apps is right for your organization
•Evaluate your functional requirements
•Evaluate your customizations
•Understanding the Oracle Cloud Applications software model
•How to adopt a stepping-stone approach to incorporating Oracle Cloud Apps into your JD Edwards system

Speaker: Mike Hoskin, Regional Sales Manager, Denovo

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 101320

Most PeopleSoft customers are thinking about how they may benefit from the cloud. Does Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) really save that much money compared to on-premises or other clouds?  What automation does an OCI implementation offer for PeopleSoft customers? Bring the questions you have, information you've heard and let's have a good discussion with some of the experts in the area on what a move to OCI offers the PeopleSoft community.

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 

Session ID: 103330

Business modernization is the key ingredient to reimagining how your company will compete, grow and differentiate your offerings in today’s challenging business environment. JD Edwards strategy is hybrid by design providing customers choice and control across on premise and cloud solutions. Come learn how JD Edwards customers are leveraging digital transformation capabilities with their current investments while planning their journey to the cloud. Come learn how the JD Edwards strategy improves agility, reduces IT complexity, super-charges performance, increases profitability, and provides world class security. This session will give a sense for how JD Edwards customers are creating success with IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions.

Presented by Michael Saucier, Oracle