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Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

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Learn how the Customer is managing their PeopleSoft Life cycle with Test automation. Understand how to keep current with accelerated and automated test cycles with PeopleSoft Test Framework. Understand how PUM regression testing can be carried out in less than a week, reducing timelines and cost with a Customer case studies. Also learn the tips and tricks, best practices and methodologies and what is new in 8.58!

Presented at RECONNECT 20

This presentation looks to provide a detailed definition of PeopleSoft Selective Adoption and lay out the related components. Also, we will discuss how customers should organize their team and associated processes to take advantage of the continuous delivery of PUM images including rolling out new functionality.

The Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) for January 2020 was released on January 14, 2020. Oracle strongly recommends applying the patches as soon as possible.

A recent PeopleSoft Spotlight Series video walked through how to select and apply maintenance best practices and recommendations for working with PeopleSoft Selective Adoption tools.

PeopleSoft Selective Adoption is both a huge change and opportunity for PeopleSoft customers. Another video in the PeopleSoft Spotlight Series outlined important elements of how PeopleSoft works now with Selective Adoption and how customers should adopt to take advantage of the new delivery model.

There are several tools associated with Selective Adoption, which were discussed in the “PeopleSoft Spotlight Series: Selecting and Applying Maintenance Best Practices and Recommendations” video. This video talked through how to work with PeopleSoft Updates Images, important concepts for keeping your system updated and as current as possible, and how to apply change and determine the impact that it may have on your system. It also explained how some changes are dependent on others and how to deal with those interdependencies.

Running PeopleSoft today is different than it was just five years ago. It is fundamentally different than running traditional on-premise software. Characterizing PeopleSoft as on-premise software is no longer accurate. You can run PeopleSoft anywhere—in a data center or in the Cloud—and today, you’ll get the most value when you run PeopleSoft in the Oracle Cloud.

Selective Adoption refers to the ability to independently apply features and fixes rather than performing entire upgrades or applying bundles of fixes. Selective Adoption became available with PeopleSoft release 9.2. A recent presentation gave a breakdown of Selective Adoption (including a summary of what life was like before it), what’s changed after 9.2, and how to implement PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) to start adopting new features.

This year’s RECONNECT conference featured several customer panels about PeopleSoft hot topics. As part of the Selective Adoption panel session at RECONNECT 18, we took some time to poll those in attendance about their current plans for and utilization of Selective Adoption. Here are the results of our polling.

Optimizing Your PeopleSoft Investment with Selective Adoption and PUM-as-a-service How do you go about deciding what new features to adopt and which customizations to retire? When is a good time to go about this? Will it be a huge project or could it all be arranged so it’s routine? The overall objective of updating PeopleSoft…

Have you started Selective Adoption? Are you looking to adopt a Selective Adoption strategy? If so, join us to hear directly from a panel around their experience with Fluid User Interface Join us to hear directly from a panel around their experience with Selective Adoption.