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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Every attendee at Collaborate is debating a move to the Cloud. They are either considering moving JDE to Oracle Tech Infrastructure or some other service such as AWS. Or they are looking at cloud-based edge solutions to integrate to JDE. And finally, some are considering the cost vs benefit of moving from JDE to Oracle ERP Cloud in some form or fashion. This session will cover all three (3) of those scenarios, the pros and cons of the move, and how to manage application security regardless of what strategy is adopted.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

To leverage the advantages of the cloud, organizations must have a strategy and plan for moving to the cloud. What workload should you put into the cloud? What about your existing on-premise implementations? How can you be sure to maximize your use of both environments? In this session explore the various stages of the journey to the cloud and how to define your own roadmap to the cloud. With the new advances in cloud platform autonomous services, Oracle provides a self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing cloud platform. See how Oracle’s complete, open, and autonomous offerings give you the broadest choice for implementing in a cloud while helping reduce risk, lower costs, and accelerate your innovation.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Large cities are often the most progressive adapters of technology of government institutions. Join us as we discuss the challenges of large, diverse user groups like finance, roads and transportation, public health and safety including fire and police, parks and recreation, and license and regulatory enforcement. We’ll review the most useful frameworks and methods that bring value to the analytic systems of cities and other similar government agencies. We’ll also use publicly available data to demonstrate how to leverage the power of Oracle Analytics in delivering powerful results and value.

Apr 20 @  2:00pm

Engineers from Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for Oracle will share how using managed services can free up your time as an Oracle database administrator to be more valuable to your customers as an engineer. Remove the undifferentiated grunt work from your day to day by learning to use APIs to automate pain away. Use…

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Nov 13 @  11:00am

  Oracle is proven to be the database of choice for managing enterprise-scale operational and analytical workloads on-premises, and in the cloud with truly unique and innovate autonomous database services. In this keynote session, we'll examine some of the latest database software, infrastructure and Cloud innovations that can simplify today's data management challenges. Presented by…

109860 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Are you getting most out of your investments in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? In this session learn how to optimize your Oracle Database performance after cloud migration. Learn about dynamic CPU/storage scaling and how to build petabyte-scale storage in a matter of minutes and grow your capacity on-demand without predicting the…

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is simply the best platform to run your IaaS workloads. OCI makes it easy, by providing first and third party solutions for migrating your physical and virtual infrastructure from on-premise or other clouds to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure no matter what applications you are running. Learn how to plan and execute migrations to…

A major trucking company, with a large number of contingent workers, recently implemented a multi-pillar Oracle Cloud solution, which included  HCM, Payroll, ERP, OTM and others. Constrained by the limited ability to process contingent worker payroll, the client leveraged PaaS to design a solution that met their needs. This session will highlight how the solution--developed in Oracle DBCS and Apex, with SSO-like configuration--integrates two-ways with HCM and ADP to processes gross earnings  for settlement payments.

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 109810

For migrating your Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), you need a shared file system in the cloud to jumpstart your cloud deployment easily and efficiently. File Storage service (FSS) is a fully managed Network Attached Storage (NAS) that provides shared file systems with boundless scale on OCI. With a few clicks you can configure FSS for Oracle E-Business Suite for a simple and native experience in the cloud. Come learn what to do and what not to do when configuring Oracle E-Business Suite with a cutting-edge storage technology to benefit from the true elasticity, high durability and security of the cloud.

Presented by Mona Khabazan, Oracle