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During Quest Forum Digital Event: Innovation Week, Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Oracle, presented on how to reimagine your business model in an age of digital transformation. In today’s world, you have to rethink the way you use JD Edwards applications, embrace a new user experience, and automate your business processes. Ekdahl’s keynote took a look at how customers are using the JD Edwards digital platform to transform and reimagine their businesses.

Mar 18


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A recent JD Edwards video walked through how to set up accounting information for Joint Venture Management in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

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Oct 16

Real Estate User Group Meeting

SIG Meetings & Calls

A recent JD Edwards tutorial video showed how to set up and process advanced variable numerator single tiered allocations for a joint venture. The objectives of the video were to help users:
-Understand the advanced variable numerator allocations for joint ventures
-Set up specifications to allocate the expense to joint venture business units
-Compute and review the allocated amounts

105340 JD Edwards Keynote - Showcasing Customer Digital Success Presented at INFOCUS 19 The digital revolution is officially here. Digital technologies are creating connected, agile and real-time businesses. JD Edwards innovation creates exceptional customer experiences and improved operational efficiency through reimagined ERP process. EnterpriseOne 9.2 solutions are providing our customers practical options for meeting the…

105840 Real Estate and Oracle Enhancements Presented at INFOCUS 19 The OREUG wants all Real Estate customers to join us and determine the best future enhancements needed to the Real Estate module.    A list of requested enhancements submitted so far will be discussed and further ranked before submission to Oracle.  This time will also be…

106290 OREUG Welcome and Oracle Update Presented at INFOCUS 19 In this popular annual session we will kick off the Real Estate program for InFocus and hear the latest updates from Oracle on recent and future enhancements to the Real Estate Module.  Meet with your fellow Oracle customers and the vendors who support the industry.…

InvenTrust is premier open-air shopping center REIT with all the related challenges of Anchor’s, Majors, Caps and many denominators. InvenTrust went live with EP in 2003 and overtime has created over 3600 EP classes.  They upgraded to JDE 9.0 and later 9.2 but had not reviewed their EP processes. Find out how they can automatically go from over 3600 to something less than 500 classes.