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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Oracle provides a number of "vanilla" recipes in the Docker repository but these don't cover the needs of modern enterprises. This presentation discusses methods for creating images to support Data Guard, OEM, APEX, Sharding, rapid container deployments, Gold images, and transportable datasets. Participants will learn how to develop and customize Dockerfiles and orchestrations and apply them to their needs.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Fluidmaster, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of toilet tank components and trim, experienced an increase in intermittent performance and database blocking incidents in JD Edwards Enterprise One 9.2. Tracing SQL blocks and performance back to the user, transaction and sql statement can be difficult to do without the necessary tools, and without turning on debug in Production. These are time consuming tasks distracting IT from focusing on existing priorities and are painful to the business. Attend this session to learn how Fluidmaster solved the trace back problem real time without debug, gets proactive hidden errors from the JDE log, and is once again, flushing with pride!

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Like many of you, Ajinomoto USA recently completed a multi-month, multi-million$ upgrade to JDE 9.2. Join us to hear how they used this technical upgrade to change behavior with standardizations and embraced a modern learner approach. See how Ajinomoto captured tribal knowledge and leveraged it for end-users, as well as how they changed an outdated, traditional training approach and delivered learner-centered training. Analytics and results included!

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

In this session you will learn how you can secure your JD Edwards applications with Oracle Cloud as part of your long-term ERP plan.
Topics discussed will include the JDE Roadmap, Disaster Recovery, Security, Surround Cloud Application Footprint, Orchestrator, Chatbots and Mobile Applications.
We have an exciting speaker line-up to provide you with two sides to the story:
- Christian Fronteras, Redfaire International will discuss why every organization should be looking at Cloud to future-proof their ERP investment.
- Sean Ownbey from Berry Plastics will share some insights from their recent move from the datacentre to Cloud.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Every attendee at Collaborate is debating a move to the Cloud. They are either considering moving JDE to Oracle Tech Infrastructure or some other service such as AWS. Or they are looking at cloud-based edge solutions to integrate to JDE. And finally, some are considering the cost vs benefit of moving from JDE to Oracle ERP Cloud in some form or fashion. This session will cover all three (3) of those scenarios, the pros and cons of the move, and how to manage application security regardless of what strategy is adopted.

As a PeopleSoft customer, you’ve likely been bombarded with messages about cloud – from Oracle, from other vendors, and from within your own organization. With so much complexity and information, how do you figure out a reasonable and realistic plan for your organization? In this session, we will talk candidly about cloud – what it means, what it doesn’t mean, important factors consider, and bust some myths. All in the context of your current status as a PeopleSoft customer, so that you can be informed and empowered to evaluate your cloud options, on your terms.

Your journey to EnterpriseOne 9.2 is filled with opportunities to transform your business into a digital leader. Join Bob Monahan and Gary Grieshaber to explore the benefits of EnterpriseOne 9.2. Hear about customers who are adopting 9.2 and re-imagining their businesses.

Feb 27 @  10:00am

Commerce Cloud requires a minimum of four product upgrades per year. Keeping up with product upgrades at this pace while making your own custom changes to the site is not an easy task, but keeping current is important. This presentation outlines how after nearly three years on OCC, The Vermont Country Store has refined an…

Terry Issac Kanichai, Senior Customer Success Engineer for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, recently spoke about new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Extensibility Framework innovations. The presentation dove into a low-code, no-code approach, how to personalize forms based on business requirements, and personalization with no FDA-level code change.

Quest had a chance to speak with Andrea Baron, CIO at Capex, and Sebastian Ruiz, Applications Manager at Capex, about the company’s upgrade to 9.2, their process, and benefits from the upgrade.