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Point Lisas Nitrogen Limited (PLNL) a leading manufacturer of gases, recently completed a migration from World A7.3 to E1 9.1. Explore the challenges and pitfalls of this project and understand the real migration from a business perspective.

Our first upgrade in 10 years, MSX International moving from A7.3 to A9.3 Presented by GSI Session ID 102430, presented at COLLABORATE 14   1st upgrade in over 10 years. Dealing with operating system

Goodbye WorldWriter, Hello BI Publisher Presented by GSI Session ID 102410, presented at COLLABORATE 14   Start the process of migrating your World Writer or AS/400 query reports to using BI Publishe

Dealing with Security, its a whole new World A9.3 Presented by GSI Session ID 102390, presented at COLLABORATE 14   I cannot access anything thing since upgrading to World A9.3, how to resist the urg