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The session would be to demonstrate-
1. Oracle Database 23c new feature: JSON Relational Duality
2. Oracle Database 23c new feature: Oracle In-Database Graph

Following on from the Database Roadmap and New Features session, we ran out of time to show demonstrations of the new Database 23c capabilities: JSON Relational Duality and Oracle In-Database Graph. This mini-session is for those people who are interested in seeing the demonstrations, but missed out on Monday’s session.

Oracle Database has so many security features and products but sometimes the very basics are overlooked. Oracle Database 19c, 21c, and the upcoming 23c brings in even more security features and options. In almost all deployments there are opportunities for immediate security improvements, or hardening, without requiring additional products or options. This presentation covers some key quick-wins (and security tricks) that DBAs can implement immediately to increase their overall Oracle Database security posture and reduce exposures. Applicable to almost all versions and editions.

In this session learn how easy it is to utilize machine learning to help you optimize IT spend on database, compute, and Exadata resources in on-premises and cloud (hybrid) environments using OCI Operations Insights. Understand how to perform automated detection of current and impending resource utilization issues as well as how to trend and forecast future resource demand globally across large fleets or at an individual database/host level. See how to detect seasonally sensitive demand and identify over- and underutilization.

Join the Oracle ACE team to discuss anything Oracle Database. We will make this session interactive, so come up with a question or topic. A few topics we intend to cover are:
-Changes and new features of Oracle Database 23c for DBAs and developers learned from OCW22. Special focus on performance, security, JSON, PGQ, and SQL benefits.
-Interesting new OCI infrastructure services that impact the Oracle database management
-Oracle in-memory and multi-tenant

New to tuning SQL, or maybe this is your 10th year? In this session we will give a quick intro on SQL and Oracle Optimizer and then provide some specific examples and tips for multiple SQL tuning options and methods. The goal is for this session to be approachable by all levels of skill and provide some quick take aways without going too deep into any one area. Example code will be provided, with some demonstrations.

Learning goals include: What is SQL tuning; What tools should I use; Explain Plan Lies; Statistics + Histograms = +1; Tuning Advisor + AWR top N SQL = +1; Why do SQL Profiles fail; Create a SQL Baseline from cursor cache; How to make a SQL Patch; Playing with Optimizer; Why is my index not being used? (Index clustering)

In this session, hear how Oracle continues to invest in Enterprise Manager (EM), Oracle’s on-premises hybrid management solution for the Oracle stack, releasing new capabilities and support on a monthly cadence using the agile Release Update (RU) model. EM continues to grow and evolve to address hybrid management needs and the manageability of the environments of tomorrow. Learn how Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Observability and Management platform provides comprehensive visibility and insights across all layers of the stack—deployed on any technology, anywhere. By unifying all types of operational telemetry (metrics, logs, traces) with curated machine learning–based analysis, enabling you to manage databases and applications easier on-premises, on Oracle Cloud or Multi-cloud environments.
- Understand Oracle's current offerings and plans to provide manageability across hybrid estates leveraging the best of on-premises and cloud technology
- Learn how EM helps you lower the cost and risk of providing high-performance applications and adopting the latest Oracle technology
- Understand how O&M provides a unified view across an entire software stack, provides improved insight for Exadata solutions
- Quickly get up to speed on the O&M services already available and what’s coming
- See how you can start using O&M services to solve business problems in a matter of minutes

Join us for our monthly Cloud Computing SIG meeting!

Join us for our monthly Cloud Computing SIG meeting!

At Oracle, we strive to provide you with the best database experience no matter where you choose to deploy – on-premises, in Oracle Cloud, or across clouds, using a Multicloud approach. Join this session to understand how you can benefit from Oracle’s years of experience providing the highest availability for on-premises Oracle Databases when deploying your mission-critical databases in Multicloud environments. Learn how easily other Oracle customers could lift and shift their applications and Oracle Databases using solutions such as Oracle Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) and immediately benefit from Oracle’s industry-leading disaster recovery, high availability, and scalability solutions.