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Presented at INFOCUS 20

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After upgrading their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment from 9.1 to 9.2 and migrating to OCI, Clearwater Paper gained more efficiency and enhanced performance. Both of these things and more helped them save money and improve service levels to internal users. In this session, learn how Clearwater Paper and Velocity collaborated to make this modernization and cloud journey an ongoing success.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) is a fully-managed, scalable, and highly available service that you can use to deploy your containerized applications to the cloud. This demo will show you how you can deploy JD Edwards on OKE, and easily scale and monitor your cluster.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

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This semi-annual meeting is to inform you about the JDE E1Technology SIG and network with other technology experts, We will also have an open discussion on how Oracle can help us and the Quest enhancement request system.

Presented at INFOCUS 20 

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Finance and accounting users love JD Edwards' flexibility and ease-of-use. But, when it comes to reporting, they often find themselves relying on IT or a consultant, which drastically slows down the reporting process. Learn how insightsoftware empowers organizations to look deeper into the sources and uses of cash and provide rich insights into customer behavior and supplier data, fundamental to identifying savings and driving efficiencies.   

If your month-end close process is taking too many days or you are making strategic business decisions without accurate and reliable information, you don't want to miss this session! 

Find immediate time-to-value with an extensive library of JDE-Specific content. 
Gain access to drillable, real-time data instead of static snapshots in excel, and break free from multiple sources of truth. 
End manual data mapping and reliance on IT. 

Presented by 

Derious Malone, insightsoftware 

Presented at INFOCUS 20 

Session ID: 103510  

Aclara utilizes portals, dashboards, and visuals as a means of streamlining its business systems to deliver JD Edwards data in innovative ways to both customers and vendors. These portals display order statuses, past-due accounts, and other data visuals deemed essential. Providing custom-built dashboards and granting access to pertinent information from any device, at any time, frees up help desks for businesses. Using JD Edwards data as one source of truth allows for an unobstructed view for customers and vendors. 

Join Aclara’s Heather Schloemann, Director Business Systems Applications, to discover how to aggregate and display JDE data with visually informative portals. Learn to build automated portals to deliver mission-critical data, to reduce past-due accounts, and to decrease service resources. 

Learn to build vendor and customer portals fed by JD Edwards data accessible by any device at any time 
Explore the implementation of open AR reports built by ProReports and placed into vendor/customer portals 
Realize the benefits portals bring to a company, saving resources and utilizing fewer service requirements 

Presented by 

Heather Schloemann, Aclara 

Kristen Bassett, ReportsNow 

Education for INFOCUS 20 is now live! You can now preview the sessions that will take place October 19-22, 2020, at our virtual INFOCUS conference. You can ignore the dates for now - the official schedule will be coming soon! For now, just take a look at the topics and speakers that you can expect to see during the event. Whether you're interested in Enterprise Asset Management, Development, Financials, Human Capital Management, Manufacturing and Distribution, Real Estate, Supply Chain Management, or Technology, we've got something for you!

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Sid Arya, Senior Director Business Systems at Canfor, and Neil Muzumdar, Senior Business Analyst at Canfor, detailed the company’s ERP business transformation.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020 

As companies expand into more states and countries, they often find that their core ERP tax engines don’t support all of their needs.  That’s when a cloud-based tax automation tool, such as Vertex, Avalara or Thomson Reuters can be implemented and integrated with the ERP, to support all sales and use tax needs.  This session will cover the capabilities of the main tax automation tools available, the process to implement one of them, and the benefits that can be achieved.  Pat Hammen from Renewable Energy Group will join and will provide an overview of their implementation of a tax automation tool. 

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Yes, the cloud actually is here to stay. It is no longer a hypothetical ‘thing’ and is now mainstream and being adopted rapid rates. It is well proven and for a majority of companies, it is no longer ‘if’, it is ‘when’ they will move to a Cloud strategy. Cloud invaded IT, in virtually every industry around the world! It all starts with the benefits, have you dug in to what it can do for your organization? It is bold and is a strategic move for traditionally on-premise organizations. How can you gain leverage? The differentiators of automating the launch of an environment, incredible scalability and flexibility, resource utilization to higher priority business needs, the integration into one holistic cloud platform for all your databases, networks, mobility, other clouds, ERPs, 3rd party applications, and so much more. What about those cost savings, what could they be, lowering capital costs may be one of them. Don’t work in single functions, push your environment to it’s potential.

Presented by Paul Cioni, Denovo