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During Quest Forum Digital Event: Innovation Week, Oracle's own Dane Roberts and Barry Greenhut spoke about proven best practices for ERP Cloud security and audit. The pair discussed ways to design roles in ERP Cloud, certification of user access to sensitive personal data, and protection of data privacy. These three areas of thought fall under the category of replacing error-prone spreadsheet analyses with modern segregation of duties security analysis tools. Roberts and Greenhut also explained continuous monitoring for high-risk changes to both master data and cloud application configuration setups.

Caroline Wong, Chief Security Strategist at Cobalt.io, a cybersecurity company, wrote an article in Forbes about 10 cybersecurity blind spots that companies should keep an eye on. These are issues that security teams don’t always see or aren’t always accounting for, but they should be.

101470 Presented at RECONNECT 19

With more enterprises hosting mission-critical applications like Oracle-PeopleSoft in the cloud, application managers and DevOps teams need to be aware of the evolving threat landscape. They also need to architect the deployment to be resilient in the face of ever-evolving threats. In this talk, Laurent Gil will share the latest cybersecurity research findings based on real-world security operations along with innovative approaches to managing and mitigating security events at the cloud edge. He'll also talk about how one global energy and waste management firm strengthened its security posture and protected its cloud-based PeopleSoft implementation from DDoS attacks with the Oracle Web Application Firewall (WAF). You'll learn about the steps companies take—and the security challenges they overcome—when moving PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Presented by Laurent Gil, Oracle Corp.

Barb Darrow, Senior Director of Communications at Oracle, wrote about today’s “unprecedented challenge” of cybersecurity. Technological and legal complexities are continuing to grow in this age of heightened cybersecurity threats—including a rise in state-sponsored hacking. This “unprecedented challenge” was a topic of conversation between Dorian Daley, Oracle Executive Vice President and General Counsel, and Edward Screven, Oracle’s Chief Corporate Architect during Oracle’s recent Media Days.

Dorian Daley, Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Oracle, and Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect at Oracle, spoke about the current threat landscape and Oracle’s strategy for addressing it. The pair spoke about how Oracle is enhancing the relationships with customers by adopting a service model that allows customers to shift the security burden and risk to Oracle. They also covered how Oracle has rebuilt Cloud and the Autonomous Database, so customers are fully equipped to truly protect their data and eliminate human error from the security equation.

Every CFO knows the opportunity to commit fraud is prevalent in an ERP system. Implementing controls such as Segregation of Duties is a critical tool in discouraging and preventing fraudulent activities. Designing appropriate roles and reporting tools allow the CFO to establish and maintain a reliable control environment. Levi Gibson, Pinal County Government Session: 107800,…

110320 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Join us for this session to learn how to make your JDE security refreshed, relevant and compliant! JDE SECURITY BEST PRACTICES: Discover how to overcome challenges, use best practices, and what design decisions might cause issues if you don’t approach your security with care! Learn about traditional JDE security, UDO,…

109680 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Oracle Cloud HCM Security - From Moonless Night to Moonlit Night" is geared towards an audience interested in Human Capital Management (HCM) Security. I will review our journey starting with our Implementation and then transitioning to the maintenance of security. I will also discuss the improvements in Oracle Cloud Security…