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Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021
Session ID: 100310

Conversational Interfaces have been around for a long time. With PeopleSoft Chatbots, organizations can now take an internal support function and automate it through a Chatbot. We’ll look at how chatbots work, the delivered Oracle chatbots, how to build your own, pricing, and Oracle use cases.

•Understand how PeopleSoft Chatbots work by puling back the covers on how to implement Chatbots. See demos of chatbots in action and even modifying the output.
•Understand Oracle Digital Assistant.
•Understand Pricing and specific Use Cases

Presented by:
Cameron McClurg, SpearMC

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021
Session ID: 100270

Join us for a PeopleSoft Test Framework and Testing Grounds demo. We will feature a case study of it’s successful implementation at the largest healthcare system in New Jersey. PeopleSoft Testing Grounds is a bolt-on extension to PTF built within the PeopleTools framework. It provides features aimed at addressing gaps in the PTF tool and enhancing it with additional features, to make the test execution and reporting process efficient. Features include:
•Standard PeopleSoft PIA Fluid User Interface
•Ability to review all available test scripts and end-to-end test scenarios
•Ability to create and execute new testing events
•Accept pre-defined variable test data or update values with user-defined variable data
•Print step-by-step test instructions for any script
•Kick off the testing event
•Review testing results at a summary or detail level
•Drill down to test evidence reports to evaluate test failures
•Provide test evidence reports for audit compliance

•Demo PTF Testing Grounds. The Testing Grounds is an ecosystem of tools that SpearMC has built to fill gaps in PTF testing and make PTF more approachable for functional users.
•I will discuss a few agile concepts that should be applied to TAAS engagements. This will be followed by specific agile issues and tips when building test automation with the PeopleSoft Test Framework.
•Finally, we'll look at how Jira by Atlassian can be used to keep our projects agile.How can we leverage Atlassian Jira to keep our TaaS projects agile?

Presented by:
Tarunraj Amuthan, SpearMC
Randall Johnson, SpearMC

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021
Session ID: 100100

Join us for the meeting of the PeopleSoft Technology Special Interest Group (SIG). The PS Tech SIG is an active, growing community of Quest members whose primary focus is the underlying technical aspects of PeopleSoft. Members of the SIG are typically developers, system administrators, systems analysts, or DBA's, but all attendees are welcome to attend the meeting and participate in the SIG.

•Network with technically-minded members of the Quest community, including customers, vendors, and Oracle employees.
•Exchange ideas, solutions, best practices, and lessons-learned on relevant topics and current events in the PeopleSoft technical space.

Presented by:
Michelle Erkenswick, Jack Henry & Associates
Sasank Vemana, Florida State University
Matthew Frigo, KAR Auction Services, Inc.
Mark Hoernemann, Oracle America, Inc
Jeremy Irrthum, University of Minnesota

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021
Session ID: 100080

Elastic Search is going to be the only Search Engine supported by Oracle PeopleSoft going forward.
It comes in Gen-Next Era of Fluid/Mobile technology.

This session it explores: the setup and installation on server, configuration from PeopleSoft, Setup of Integration, Deploying & Crawling & Search Configuration on Fluid Components as well.
Using ACM templates to create and maintain elastic search

•Automate Elastic search
•Extensive tour of search Admin Activity Guide
•ACM templates

Presented by:
Gaurav Ohri, University of Texas System Admin

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 101270

PeopleTools 8.59 is now available and with it come some exciting new changes with the User Interface.  There is a more prominent and efficient use of Search as a primary means of navigation, redesigned Home Pages, improved notifications, and a new Quick Access bar and more.  Come to this session to hear Oracle Ace Jim Marion describe how your organization can benefit.

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 101700

During the early stages of the pandemic, we needed our employees to feel safe and protected while continuing to operate in our offices and in the field. From daily health checks to COVID incidents and now vaccinations, we turned to PeopleSoft to handle all our tracking and reporting needs to make critical business decisions.

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 100920

If you are new to the Page and Field Configurator, come to this session to see how it works.  When you leave this session you will know how to change your PeopleSoft pages without a customization.

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 100840

There are a number of new features that have been delivered in PT 8.59 that you've heard about throughout the RECONNECT conference.  There's a lot to take in, and you may still have some questions at the end of the conference.  This is the session for you!

The PeopleTools Product Management team, along with a special guest or two, will be ready to answer your questions on PT 8.59 and hear your feedback.  What's your favorite enhancement??  Which one did we miss?  Bring your perspective to this interactive Q&A session.

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021

Session ID: 100250

Work with images in PeopleTools. Design Time images such as branding, logos and icons. User Uploaded Images such as employee and asset photos. Use both images in a fluid page

Presented at RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021
Session ID: 101750

Tony Schollum (Executive Director of OneLink Finance & Supply Chain ERP at Kaiser Permanente and Vice-Chair of the Quest Board of Directors) will host the opening session for RECONNECT Dive Deep with Paco Aubrejuan (SVP of Applications at Oracle), Rebekah Jackson (VP of Product Strategy at Oracle), and Mark Thomas (UK IT Director at Hays Specialist Recruitment). This session will help you get the most out of the event, with insights into and answers to the hottest topics in the PeopleSoft community. You’ll hear PeopleSoft executive leadership and active PeopleSoft customers addressing user experience trends and investments, experiences with analytic capabilities like Kibana, approaches to refining and improving Selective Adoption strategies, customers reducing their operating costs with cloud technology, and more. Be ready to ask your questions and participate in the discussion.

Recommended: If you did not see the newest product demos and hear the most announcements and investment strategies from Paco’s Keynote at RECONNECT Envision, watch it here https://bit.ly/3gTvkP5.