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Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 102750

During this session learn how users from different functional areas can use Search Groups to quickly and easily get at information contained across multiple areas.


During the session we will discuss and demonstrate:

-The goal of this session to show how someone can assist a customer in answering questions around their order

-How Search Groups can function like queries across a wide variety of tables

-How users don’t need to be “familiar” with a functional area in order to research and provide information

-How users can search either broad or exact

-How information can be exported and shared across the organization

-How users can take an action against the search result without having to navigate other menus or options

Tom Gabriele, GSI

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 100340

With rapidly growing expectations towards mobility within organizations today, a simple, secure development and deployment model is essential to quickly meet users’ needs. Low code/no code platforms have made it easier than ever to develop applications for your business. This session gives you a background of VBCS components and how to integrate them with Orchestrations. We will wrap up with a quick demonstration on how you can create web and mobile apps in minutes from your browser, with single button publishing.


Provide overview of VBCS components and how to integrate them with Orchestrations.

Demonstrate how you can create web and mobile apps from your browser

Share real-life use case

Harsha Bulusu, brij

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 100740

Consumers are exposed to AI every day. From Netflix recommendations to Google Maps routes, these uncannily accurate predictions are powered by machine learning algorithms and predictive models. This type of analytics can help companies run their businesses better, too. To address this need, an innovative trend called augmented analytics has emerged to extend human intuition with computer-generated, data-driven insights. This new paradigm uses automated machine-learning algorithms and models to augment human intelligence throughout the full data analysis and decision-making process. Learn how leading BI tools incorporate built-in machine learning capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated with JD Edwards. In this demo-filled glimpse into the future of analytics, we will illustrate some of the unbiased insights that can be gained from a common JDE infrastructure with AI-enabled advanced analytics, natural-language query and generation, and smart data visualization.


Gain an understanding of the machine-learning capabilities already built-in to common BI platforms

Discuss the benefits and applications of AI and machine learning using JD Edwards data

Demo of augmented analytics in action using JDE data and use cases

David Kettinger, Preferred Strategies

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 103550

Oracle announced that UPK, a solution to create training materials and process documentation for Oracle applications, is coming to an end.

datango is one of the leaders in the enterprise education market for rollout support and process documentation since more than 20 years. The solution provides highly innovative capabilities to introduce employees quickly and sustainably into new business processes and applications to enable workforces on any change and at any moment.


Find your alternative to Oracle UPK!

Bring JD Edwards process training to the next level!

Software Documentation for JD Edwards by just one click!

Tobias Mrozek, datango - a division of PARIS AG

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 100530

With the extreme velocity of change in the marketplace, having access to reliable, scalable digital solutions has never been more important to the success of our business. Oshkosh Defense looked at the last 20 years of incremental change and embarked on a modernization program using JD Edwards Continuous Adoption Model, and a Digital Solutions Platform. The Modernization program is building the next generation of experts in the business in order to prepare for the next 20 years of change. This is being done with more advanced tools for the business users and enabling our robust and talented pool of citizen developers.


Modernize the ERP system

Transform business data into actionable information

Empower the citizen developer community

Jim Miller, CSS International, Inc.

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 103700

Please join us to hear how you can optimize JD Edwards for your operations and maintenance organizations. Role-based dashboards provide at-a-glance insight into how your team is doing. Convenient on-site or in-the-field mobile applications help your technicians access and update work orders when and where the maintenance is being performed. Expand base JD Edwards capabilities to manage purchase orders and all aspects of the lifecycle of work orders. Provide work order packets for your technicians with all of the relevant associated documents attached and collated. Fill in the gaps of working with MRO parts with expanded search capabilities. Automate checking for parts availability and notifications when work orders are ready to schedule.


To show the improved usability of JD Edwards for the maintenance user with UX On

To show the value of mobile maintenance applications – connected and disconnected.

To show the expanded capabilities for JD Edwards Capital Asset Management available with AMS’s CAM Performance Plus

Scott Hollowell, Asset Management Solutions

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 100350

Change is hard for most organizations and people, but it does not have to be if you use a people-centered approach. Many times organzitions see the benefit of implementing process and system changes that compel them to move forward quickly. That can cause issues of adoption that actually end up squashing short term (and sometimes long term) results. In this session, you will see how to leverage E1 features to roll out process changes in a measured manner that increases adoption and intended results.


Understand change management techniques

Understand E1 features that will help change management

How to sell this into the organziation

Kent Szalla, brij

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021 

Session Id: 101650 

Spreading the word about JDE Lowcode/NoCode tools to enable Citizen Developers to configure solutions that meet their business needs by leveraging available JDE tools which do not require development skills .  



- Live Session and Demo 
- Tips and Tricks 
- Commonly used Solutions to frequent faced issues 
- Performance concerns and solutions
- Prebuilt-Solutions with Low/NoCode  

Julius Borges, IBM 

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 101110

The JDE E1 Technology SIG brings together the technical support from customers, vendors and Oracle for discussions on JDE E1 tools and technology. This meeting introduces the Tech SIG board and the Quest Enhancement Request system.


Introduce our exciting new concept: the Orchestration zone! Ozone is a platform for exchanging code and ideas surrounding the newest bestest tool that Oracle has given to us, the Orchestrator.

Hear from Oracle on the good things coming for our Tools Releases and Oracle communities and support.

Get the discussion going. Meet the board and how we are doing on the enhancement front

David Bauerle, Sunrise Medical Inc.

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 102650

Do you have problems with blocking on your database? If you are trying to solve that problem by killing sessions directly on the database, you could be making the problem worse. You are focusing in the wrong area if you ever want to solve the blocking issue, because blocking is caused by the application – not the database.

Blocking is how the database maintains the integrity of your data in the face of bad application code, conflicting updates, errant users, and much more. If you try to circumvent that protection by killing sessions, you could cause long downtimes and data integrity issues. Blocking is symptom of a problem, not the cause of a problem.


Find out how this critical function of your database protects you

How to discover the true cause of blocking so you can solve it once and for all

Bill Rehm, GSI