Tag: PeopleSoft Tools and Technology

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 102750

During this session learn how users from different functional areas can use Search Groups to quickly and easily get at information contained across multiple areas.


During the session we will discuss and demonstrate:

-The goal of this session to show how someone can assist a customer in answering questions around their order

-How Search Groups can function like queries across a wide variety of tables

-How users don’t need to be “familiar” with a functional area in order to research and provide information

-How users can search either broad or exact

-How information can be exported and shared across the organization

-How users can take an action against the search result without having to navigate other menus or options

Tom Gabriele, GSI

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 103630

You moved to the cloud for a better ROI and now your costs are skyrocketing. Now what?

During this session, you will learn about effective strategies and advanced tools to manage your cloud infrastructure for a better ROI. Topics addressed will include:

What is cloud creep

Cloud management strategies

Hybrid cloud issues and what you can do about it

Tricks and tools of the trade (cloud management tools)

Low hanging fruit and long-term strategies to keep costs under control

John Bassett, GSI

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 100610

This presentation will assume beginner's knowledge in creating Orchestrations and focus on creating Notifications and UDO Security.


Walk through creating a Notification and steps to subscribing to it in E1.

Walk through the lifecycle of a UDO by discussing security, promotion, and sharing.

Anthony Palmisano, Grant Thornton LLP

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 2021

Session Id: 102630

Virtual Batch Queues bring long-awaited features to how UBEs are executed and managed on a JD Edwards system. It finally provides true high availability for UBE processing and solves many problems with how a legacy UBE server worked. In Tools Release 9.2.5 you can configure multiple enterprise servers to run any UBE submitted to a Virtual Batch Queue made up of one or more batch servers.


Show you how you can use Virtual Batch Queues to keep UBEs processing fast with zero downtime

How you can easily scale your operations based on workload

Steve Pollack, GSI